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  • Country legend Kenny Rogers is the latest star to reveal his war wounds after a successful battle with skin cancer. Kenny used Instagram as a platform to remind fans about the importance of sunscreen.

    Earlier in the week, 75-year old Kenny Rogers posted a photo of himself wearing bandages and the humorous caption, “… but you should see the other guy!”

    Apparently the “other guy” in this instance was none other than skin cancer, as he followed the post with a poignant reminder and a promise for the future, “Had a bit of skin cancer removed today—I recommend everyone go get checked, especially since May is National Skin Cancer Detection & Prevention Month. Don’t worry though, I’m gonna look great in Knoxville this weekend!”


    Kenny’s timely reminder in light of National Skin Cancer Detection & Prevention Month comes just ahead of summer, when people tend to get more sun exposure and more burns.


    While Kenny may have headed under the knife for some necessary medical treatment, in the past the surgical work on his face was strictly voluntary. Some years back, in an attempt to appear younger, Kenny went under the knife for a facelift, blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) as well as a browlift. In addition, he probably uses Botox injections as well.


    The results of Kenny’s plastic surgery were obvious as his skin looked like it had been pulled too tight and the eyelid surgery and browlift left him with a rather feminine appearance.


    Later, Kenny admitted to regretting going under the knife and said he wouldn’t do it again because of all the risks associated with surgery and his worry about leaving his young kids.


    Although Kenny’s original surgery was less than optimal, it is possible that a more skilled surgeon could have corrected the botched procedure, which left the country singer unable to fully close his eyes, according to rumors.


    In a memoir a few years ago, Kenny revealed during an interview that he had left out mention of his plastic surgery procedures on the advice of his editors. However, by then he had gotten over the botched jobs somewhat.


    “I actually had written a whole segment on it but the publishers said, ‘Let’s not do that, that’s all people will talk about,’ and this book is about my journey and my musical connections,” Rogers told Fox News. “It was a phase I went through. I improved myself. I didn’t like the way he did my eyes but I see all these other guys who have had it done and theirs are worse than mine. I’m not going to complain anymore.”


    Kenny’s open admission to fighting skin cancer and helping prevent others from the same fate comes on the heels of actor Hugh Jackman’s latest reveal. Twice in the past several months the X-Men star has posted photos of himself with bandages on his nose, thanking his wife and doctors for catching his cancer early and reminding fans to wear sunscreen.