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  • Kevin Costner, Hair Transplant, Plastic SurgeryKevin Costner’s full head of hair is raising some questions about whether the actor has gotten plastic surgery by way of a hair transplant in the last few months. Pictures of the 52-year old actor show a hair-raising change from the actor having a significant receding hair line as late as seven months ago (as shown in a September 11, 2006 photo) to having fullness in the previously balding frontal area (as shown in a March 14, 2007 photo).

    The National Enquirer quotes a leading hair transplant surgeon who believes that the actor had the surgery. “In my opinion, there’s definitely a change,” said Dr. Craig Ziering. “There’s greater fullness in the frontal zone, in the hairline.” Dr. Ziering adds, “The only thing that would make this kind of a change, in a six-month period, would be a hair transplant procedure.”

    The surgery results look very natural and complimentary to Kevin Costner’s face. The new hairline has most likely been created with micro hair grafts, whereby single hairs have been methodically transplanted in a way that imitates how a real hairline of a 50 year old would look like. For this reason, the hairline looks natural and avoids the “plug” look that plagued older hair transplants of a decade ago. Were it not for having before photos of the actor, the hair change would have not been detectable to the eye. Costner looks all the better.

    While it is quite clear that Kevin Costner had the hair transplant procedure, some wonder if being remarried to the 33-year old pregnant Christine Baumgartner has anything to do with his efforts to look younger. After all, Costner has always been a rugged-looking man who seemed to embrace the aging gracefully philosophy. Then again, keeping the wife happy is more important than staying true to any life philosophy.

    Picture Source: sammie323.blogspot.com (scan of National Enquirer)

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