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  • If Kim Kardashian is to be believed, the reality star is an all-natural beauty that just really knows her way around the beauty counter. However, as the star continues to share past photos of herself on social media, she has also inadvertently continued to create rumors that she has spent a lot of time on plastic surgery as the old and new photos show drastic changes in the star’s appearance.


    34-year old Kim Kardashian loves nothing more than taking photos of herself and sharing them with fans. A recent batch included side by side photos of the homemade sex tape star in recent days and a photo from when she was just youngster of seven. Somehow Kim managed to imply that she has changed much in the intervening decades.

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    “Love this side by side of me when I’m 7 and me now,” Kim captioned the photo.


    However, most believe that a whole lot has changed since Kim’s only beauty concern was choosing a hair bow. In addition to heavy contouring makeup, fake tanning products, eyelash extensions and regular brow shaping, Kim is also thought to have had a lot of plastic surgery.


    Although Kim always denies doing anything drastic to her face other than one time dabbling in Botox and saying that she isn’t opposed to plastic surgery, most fans and experts believe that Kim is leaving out several treatments.


    Kim looks like she regularly gets Botox injections in her forehead and between her brows as her face is routinely expressionless. In addition, she looks to get fillers of some sort placed in her cheeks, in the lines from her nose to mouth and in her lips. Her expressionless and full face looks to be the result of regular injections and as Kim is also known to try anti aging treatments like vampire facials and lasers, she probably also gets chemical peels and so injectables such as Botox and Juvederm don’t seem unlikely either.


    Most recently, Kim’s nose has looked to be shrinking, sparking a series of rumors that since she started dating Kanye West she has undergone at least one nose job.


    Prior to the facial plastic surgery, Kim was most often under scrutiny for her curiously curveacous body, which she has always insisted is natural but is commonly thought to be the result of fat liposuctioned out of another part of her body, like her legs, and then transferred into her butt to achieve her famously oversized rear.


    In addition to the photos of herself, she also shared photos of mashup of her own baby photo with that of her daughter along with the caption:


    She added, “I’m not sure who made this but I love these side by side pics. This is me on the right as a baby and North on the left.”


    Although the baby photos bear a striking resemblance to one another, Kim’s attempts to remain wrinkle free by never smiling and undergoing extensive plastic surgery haven’t left her looking any closer to child-like. Rather, she looks pretty extreme.