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  • Iconic sex-pot Kim Kardashian can be spotted just about anywhere a flashing camera, red carpet or where Paris Hilton is propped. This Armenian bronzed brunette beauty has caused quite an uproar and gained serious Hollywood status for her choice in entourage ranging from Paris, to just about anyone in the spotlight at the moment. Kim Kardashian, Plastic Surgery, Buttock, AssIn addition to her notorious sex tape with Ray-J, the 26-year old step-daughter of plastic surgery addict Bruce Jenner is equally notorious for her behind. A statement is rarely made about the party queen without including graphic comments of her derriere. Many think buttock implants are the culprit behind its distinct ample shape, but perhaps quite the contraire.

    While Kim Kardashian’s buttocks are very large and shapely relative to her thin body frame, there are quite a few women who have this body shape from natural genes. While Kim is a fan of plastic surgery, it does not appear that she boosted her butt with implants, as she would have likely opted for a smaller behind if she was getting augmented.

    Plastic surgeon Dr. Tony Youn said, “While her [Kim's] bottom does appear to jut out unnaturally, this may, in fact, be hereditary. I have seen some patients with similar figures who have not had any work done.”

    For the many that remain a fan of her bum, and lack those freak of nature genes, the procedure is truly quick and simple. Solid silicone implants or via “fat grafting” are used to create the enhanced size and shape. An incision may be made in any one of the following places: where the cheek meets the back of the thigh, or down the buttock crease. The incision is usually made on the buttock crease to avoid noticeable scars. The surgeon then creates a pocket large enough to insert the implants, either under the gluteus maximus muscle, or on top of it. The entire procedure usually takes two or three hours to complete and the patient is free to return home within a few hours.

    Kim Kardashian, Breast Implants, Augmentation, Lip InjectionsAlong with the chatter of Kim Kardashian having buttock augmentation is word of her having her breasts augmented, also. Comparing pictures of her in the late teens to present-day pictures, there is certainly a “huge” difference. The size is much larger and more defined, and the only explanation to the burst of perfect growth would be breast implants. Kim sports the tell-tale signs of breast implants, including the rounded and super-projected boob look. Just as her twins have gained some plump-age so have her lips when comparing different photos. Lip injections would be the tool at hand used to create that beautiful pout you see glossed and flawless in all of Kim’s photos. One last possibility in her transformation from a little drab to gliterratti fab would be a nose job. The older black and white photo reveals a larger, more bulbous version of her now teeny tiny perfect little bump. The nose bridge is narrowed and more chiseled compared to her wider tip.

    When trying to piece together a shred of explanation to Kim’s drastic sky-rocketed fame that’s been achieved with no real accomplishment, one may find it a little difficult for any tangible conclusion, other than this girl has a few good plastic surgeons, a few good friends, and one very good behind.

    Read the complete plastic surgery profile of Kim Kardashian on Plasticopedia, the largest celebrity plastic surgery encyclopedia.

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