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  • Oscars night is all about timing. From performances to acceptance speeches, each moment is carefully timed and planned—before the cue music comes on. So it was pretty bad timing when the actors chosen to introduce a performance from the animated feature “Frozen” had some frozen faces of their own, courtesy of plastic surgery. Presenters John Travolta and Kim Novak looked especially plasticized on Oscar night, but hopefully it’s only temporary and won’t last.

    It’s not easy getting old in Hollywood and nobody knows this more than legendary Hitchcok leading lady Kim Novak. Kim hasn’t been in the public eye much over the past years, so it has been hard to gauge what she has been up to. Now 81, when Kim was 78 she looked like she had most likely been under the knife, but with good results courtesy of a facelift as well as a neck lift and browlift to retain her signature arched brows, as well as an eyelid lift, done over time for good results. Sometime between then and now, Kim looks like she has again visited a plastic surgeon, but with less positive results.

    During the presentation of her category, which ultimately went to “Frozen,” Kim was nearly unrecognizable as her face appeared to be bloated and filled with an overload of fillers. Her face was so full that the once beautiful blonde looked to have trouble speaking and moving her mouth, leading some to wonder if she had suffered a stroke. However, although Kim has had health issues in the past, a stroke doesn’t seem to be among them.


    Instead, Kim seems to have overdone the fillers. Fans hope that the results are temporay, as with Juvederm and not something long term like silicone.


    “It’s sad. Ms. Novak has apparently had silicone injections or overaggressive fat injections to her face,” Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon Brent Moelleken told HollywoodLife.com exclusively. ”Either can be disastrous and irreversible. Most Hollywood ladies who ‘age gracefully’ actually do so with subtle plastic surgery that keeps them looking younger and ‘refreshed’.  If they try too hard to look much younger than their age, they will have a bad result.”


    “Hopefully she was just overjealous with those, and didn’t have fillers like silicone or ArteFill, which never go away, unfortunately.”

    Some suspect that given the altered shape of Kim’s face, she may have had cheek implants or a jaw implant as well and that some of the puffiness is due to swelling.


    Despite being much younger, Kim’s co-presenter, John Travolta, didn’t fare much better when it came to being criticized over his appearance.


    60-year old John Travolta mangled singer Idina Menzel’s name as he introduced her to sing Frozen’s hit song, which was surprising for a fan of Broadway. However, either his hairpiece was glued on too tight or he had had some Botox injections as his forehead never moved, making his hairpiece even more obvious than usual. John’s hair was high and fluffier than usual, but his forehead never moved, making it seem likely that he has had a recent dose of Botox.


    Hopefully none of the procedures the duo had are permanent and they can once again return to their former gorgeous, if older, selves.