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  • Kimberly Stewart, fashion model and socialite, but better known as singer Rod Stewart’s daughter, is in the news with a new plastic surgery rumor. It seems that the prominently large nose she inherited from her father was not to Kimberly’s liking and she decided to downside it to a slimmer, more refined version with a nose job.

    Kimberly Stewart, Nose Job, Rhinoplasty

    Photos of Kimberly reveal a nose that has a considerably thinner and straighter bridge and a tip that is smaller than her previously bulbous one. The result is very aesthetically pleasing, as the smaller nose gives Kimberly a more feminine and refined look, compared to her old nose that drew too much attention away from her otherwise attractive features. While the nose job is not completely confirmed, the photos present a compelling case in favor of Kimberly having plastic surgery.

    Plastic surgeon Anthony Youn believes Kimberly Stewart probably got a nose job. “If she has indeed had the surgery (which looks like it to me), the surgery was a success. I always say that a good rhinoplasty de-emphasizes the nose and allows other, more attractive parts of the face to be more noticeable. This looks to be a great example of that,” writes Youn in his blog.

    Kimberly Stewart previously got D-size breast implants, which were allegedly a present for her modeling school graduation. Stewart’s father Rod thoughtfully noted that his daughter’s bustier new look gave her increased confidence. In a change of heart, Stewart later had the breast implants removed and reportedly framed and sent to Jack Osbourne.

    Read the complete plastic surgery profile of Kimberly Stewart on Plasticopedia, the largest online celebrity plastic surgery encyclopedia.

    Pic source: Cityrag.com

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