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  • Since splitting up with longtime wife Kris Jenner, Bruce has been going through a noticeable physical transformation. His haircut and appearance are all very different from the look the former Olympian sported during his marriage to reality show guru Kris Jenner. Amid persistent rumors that Bruce is slowing transforming into a woman via plastic surgery, Kris Jenner has finally commented on what may be going on with her former partner and close friend

    Bruce Jenner has been a fan of plastic surgery for several decades, undergoing facelift procedures that many fans deemed unnecessary and that gave him a more feminine appearance than a typical male would want. However, since splitting up with his wife, Bruce has becoming even more feminine growing out his hair and shaving down his Adam’s apple with plastic surgery.

    Frequently a laryngeal shave is the first step in a male to female transition for transgender patients. However, Bruce said he was interested in having because “I just never liked my trachea.”


    Since separating from Kris Jenner, Bruce has been growing out his hair, even wearing his longer locks tied back in a ratty ponytail. However, his locks, in addition to being freshly dyed in the ombre style generally popular with young women, also look to be thicker than in the past—which could be an indication of a recent hair transplant as well.


    In a recent interview, Kris was asked by ET’s Nancy O’Dell and Kevin Frazier about the rumors swirling that her husband is transgender.


    “They’ve been saying that since 1976,” she said candidly. “For me, that’s not my experience with Bruce. He’s a great guy. I love him. I don’t know what he’s going through right now. I think he’s just very happy and I think every time he makes a change in his life — whether it’s emotional or physical or whatever he’s doing — somebody’s going to comment on whatever look you have going on for the day.”


    She then revealed that some people are so bothered by Bruce’s new hairstyle, that they have asked her about just that.


    “You know, people often ask me you know what’s going on with just his hair alone,” she said. “That’s where they’re getting part of it, and I say, ‘Look, I love to control everything I can because I am a control freak but I had to let that one go.’ … So yeah, he’s great though, he’s doing good.”


    Bruce hasn’t come out and said whether or not he is transgender, though his family is said to be supportive of him in either case. Bruce’s boys from his previous marriages are said to support their father’s plastic surgery, whether or not he intends to become a woman, although they blame his association with the Kardashians for his obsession with his looks and plastic surgery.


    It sounds like Kris is unclear about Bruce’s current status, which also involves rumors that he is dating her former BFF.


    “You guys know better than anyone that about 150 percent of this stuff that’s reported is 150 percent false and made-up,” she said. “I can’t really comment on who Bruce dates. I really hope if he’s dating somebody, he’s happy but I just don’t know.”