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  • Kris Jenner is currently supporting fashion model daughter Kendall Jenner at Paris Fashion Week. Always trying to fit in with her kids, Kris wore sheer pants as she posed for paparazzi outside the Chanel Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week, while on the runway, 19-year old Kendall wore a sheer floral shirt. However, its not just the sheer love of fashion that binds mother to child, Kris recently reloaded her face with plastic surgery fillers and treatments, possibly hoping to look as young as her fashionable kids.

    59-year old Kris Jenner is constantly trying to look as young and beautiful as her famous daughters and she’s not afraid to use plastic surgery to do so. Recently, the matriarch of the Kardashian/Jenner clan is thought to have touched up her already youthful look with a new round of fillers in her lips and cheeks ahead of her trip to Paris.

    HollywoodLife.com interviewed several plastic surgeons that all agree that Kris recently underwent some sort of procedure using a filler such as Voluma as well as some Botox and likely laser treatments to keep her skin smooth and spotless.


    Dr. Lyle Back, a Philadelphia plastic surgeon tells HollywoodLife.com: “Kris definitely had her cheeks plumped … the filler was injected to give her more youthful, fuller ‘apple cheeks’ which also lifted her lower face up some.”


    Dr. Steve Fallek, board certified Plastic Surgeon and past president, NY regional society of Plastic Surgeons agrees and tells us that it looks like: “Kris has had some Botox around the eyes and a bit of filler around the mouth. She probably had a chemical peel or a light laser treatment for that porcelain skin.”


    Beverly Hills Board Certified Plastic Surgeon John M. Anastasatos, M.D., F.A.C.S. tells HollywoodLife.com: “Her cheeks appear to be more pronounced and lifted. This is either due to a mini-facelift or injectable fillers.”


    Dr. Alessi, of the Alessi Institutes and Face Forward, also says that he thinks Kris has used fillers.


    “It looks like she had a touch up with fillers,” Dr. Alessi says. “She probably had Voluma … she also had a touch in her nasolabial folds.”


    And lest you think that Kris Jenner is getting injections too often or using too much of a good thing, it seems that because there isn’t much recovery or damaged done to the skin, there’s no reason that Kris can’t get a refill any time she feels its necessary after a few months and the last batch of fillers may have worn off.


    “Most of today’s fillers have an effectiveness period of 6 – 9 months,” he says. “There is really no harm if doing them more often if desired. There is no need to wait for the skin or the facial tissues to ‘rest’ between injections – they are simple, very well tolerated, no restrictions, and there is no recovery to speak of.”


    Although fashion week may not seem like a plastic surgery worthy event, Kris tends to celebrate every occasion with plastic surgery, whether its Kim’s wedding to one man or another or just spending time with family.



    2 Comments so far

    1. Jen Collins on January 28, 2015 9:39 pm

      She really had the plastic surgery but she denied it. Well to see is to believe. The photo seems legit and an appropriate proof. Thanks to this post. I am having a good time reading this stuff.

    2. Victor on May 17, 2015 12:28 pm

      Kris, Kendall, Bruce, Kim…everyone. As if plastic surgery/cosmetic surgery is a traditional touch-ups they can’t live without. They invest horrendously in all things plastic. Every plastic surgery procedure under the sun. How can they be so ignorant of their health, as we all know, that it’s going to hurt in the long run. Some people just love to run the headlines, all the time. ALL THE TIME.

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