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  • If photos don’t lie, then it looks like Kylie Jenner may be following family tradition and heading to the plastic surgeon’s office. A recent selfie posted by the aspiring model seems to showcase some newly plump lips, likely courtesy of lip fillers.

    Kylie Jenner is becoming known for changing up her look—whether its chopping off her hair or coloring it a bold color, the youngest cast member of Keeping up with the Kardashians looks like she is trying to stand out from the rest of her family, even while she follows in their footsteps. Kylie’s latest look appears to be plumping her pout to look more like big sister Kim’s.

    Although lipstick and lip plumpers can do wonders to create a fuller-looking mouth in the right hands, Kylie’s bigger lips have been around enough that experts agree that the young lady has likely been spending time dabbling with temporary lip fillers to make her mouth a little larger. And this may not be a healthy decision, according to children’s mental health experts.


    HollywoodLife spoke to Couple’s Therapy host Dr. Jenn Berman who says, “I think she is growing up in a family where plastic surgery is the norm, so it makes a lot of sense that this is something that she is participating in.”


    “I think that all the Kardashians have got to feel a lot of pressure to look a certain way in terms of their fans and being photographed all of the time, and their family culture.”


    Other experts also believe that Kylie’s family and upbringing is a likely reason for her newly enlarged lips, likening her new look to a form of sibling rivalry.


    Psychologist and relationship expert Dr. Gilda Carie explains, “Sibling rivalry is in every family so it would be understandable that she would want to put herself as a Kim look-a-like. Kim is now a married woman with a child and in her mind, her life is just starting to take off.”


    “In her young mind she might believe that the success was based off of the surgery that they had done,” Dr. Gilda said. “She has connected that to success and doesn’t see a downside, no one has been hurt, so why shouldn’t she? She looks so much like Kim now! Look at how successful Kim has been!”


    Dr. Gilda goes on to say that starting plastic surgery at a young age may be the beginning of a plastic surgery addiction.


    “When they are they see every single line and crease in their mouth and faces as being something bad and negative and so they want to change that. That’s an addiction,” she said. “Nobody is really a Barbie Doll and there is no one who doesn’t have obvious signs of living, not aging, obvious signs of living.”


    According to Dr. Gilda, many people that are unhappy with themselves change their outside without looking inside, where the real problems are.


    The real proof for experts that have looked at Kylie’s new lips seems to be that although lips change as you age and Kylie is definitely becoming a mature woman, lips tend to get smaller, not larger. Unless of course plastic surgery is involved.