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  • Kylie Minogue is currently judging Britain’s version of The Voice reality competition and viewers are openly admiring her lush locks. But apparently Kylie’s hair isn’t all hers as her stylist has revealed that small hair extensions are at work.

    Lucinda Ellery, Kylie’s stylist revealed that Kylie’s full bouncy hair is the result of tiny specialized “fine hair extensions,” which are replaced every 12 weeks. The hair extensions are small and lightweight and thus do not damage hair.

    In addition, Kylie also uses clip on extensions, which are very temporary because like many pop stars, she likes to change her hairstyle on a frequent basis.


    45-year old Kylie battled breast cancer in 2005, using chemotherapy and radiation therapy, which has been known to cause hair loss in patients.


    The stylist, who works with people undergoing cancer treatments, explains, “As Kylie is always in the spot light and has an incredibly busy schedule, Kylie will want to maintain her healthy looking and luscious locks with as little effort as possible.”


    “Clip ins are temporary and removable, perfect for Kylie who often changes her look and makes a statement with her hair.”


    Despite her health problems in the past, Kyle has always managed to look healthy and well and has used plastic surgery treatments to help, namely Botox. For a while, Kylie was looking a little too smooth and flawless, which was attributed to overusing Botox, which is an injectable treatment used to freeze wrinkles and prevent them from forming, usually in the forehead and between the brows. It can also be used to give the eyelids a little lift and in crow’s feet around the eyes as well, although many people prefer to leave the crow’s feet alone in order to appear more natural.


    For a while, Kyle received a lot of criticism for her overly Botoxed appearance and so the star swore off it, saying that she wouldn’t use it again, although some critics remain skeptical.


    Many stars boost their own hair with hair extensions in order to have hairstyles that are thicker, fuller and longer than their own natural hair. Pop stars also tend to favor extensions because it allows them to change their hairstyle frequently from short to long to medium and everything in between in just a lengthy session at the salon. However, many stars that are known to use extensions to boos their hairstyles have also been spotted with bald patches.


    Hair extensions, although meant to create the appearance of thicker, fuller hair, can actually cause damage to hair, making it break and fall out and even create bald spots. To reduce damage, it is recommended that clip on extensions are used because they are only temporary and easy to remove so they don’t create tension or damage to hair. Depending on the extent of the hair loss caused by hair extension use, it is sometimes recommended that Latisse, the eyelash growth treatment, be used off-label in order to regrow hair. Stars that have suffered from hair loss as a result of hair extensions include Lindsay Lohan and Naomi Campbell, amongst others.