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  • Apparently the good people of the Internet will fund anything these days, including plastic surgery. Model Lacy Wildd of Florida has asked fans for donations to boost her already triple-L breasts up to Q cup. So far, the 45-year old has raised $23,000 for her quest.

    45-year old Lacy Wildd first rose to public notice after appearing on MTV’s “True Life” in 2011 and ABC’s “20/20″ last year for having triple-L size breasts. A mother of six kids, not surprisingly, Lacy turns heads wherever she goes. Lacy has appeared on updates of both shows as well as on the Lifetime network show “Double Divas,” looking for a customized bra. In January, her first film, “Blonde Squad” is set to be released and she is also working on her memoirs as well as a documentary about when her quest for larger than life breasts began as a 21-year-old waitress with an A cup bra size.

    Yet Lacy’s desire for bigger breast implants isn’t over yet. Despite having six kids and multiple projects, Lacy is still planning to have another breast augmentation—take her triple-L breasts up to Q cup. To fund the procedure, she’s reached out to the fans she’s made through her various television appearances.

    Through her website and social media accounts, Lacy has raised an astounding $23,000 to support the operation, which is scheduled for early next year. Lacy says that she is nervous about the implants, which will weigh a total of 42 pounds. In fact, Lacy admits that the operation isn’t safe and that she will be a “walking time bomb.”

    Still, she plans to go ahead with the operation so that she will have a legacy to leave her children, who range in age from 6 to 29 as well as a 25-year old stepson. Lacy reveals that she never wanted to be famous for her breasts, but her website and various television appearances have allowed her to quadruple her income and she plans to retire in three years, at age 48.

    Lacy says she could do without the fame, which draws unwanted attention to herself and her kids and she has planted trees around her home for privacy and hires a bodyguard for public appearances. She contacts her children’s teachers via phone to avoid drawing unwanted attention to herself at school.

    Once her new breasts are in, she will have the largest breast augmentation in the world, a position currently held by Maxi Mounds, who wears a U.S. size 42M bra.

    The Daily Mail reports that Lacy’s breasts already weigh in at a hefty 21 pounds and that she had an internal support system of pigskin and her own muscle implanted in her torso.

    Her children are proud that their mom has a new confidence but they are reportedly concerned about her health after the operation, fearing that it will cause tearing or an infection that could kill her.

    Sheyla Hershey was another woman who wanted to have the world’s largest implants but eventually had to have them removed after developing a near fatal infection.