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  • Stripped down, without her meat costumes, granny getups, hats, masks and other crazy accessories, sometimes it is hard to remember what Lady Gaga actually looks like. However, it seems that the artist behind the curtain is subject to the same poor decisions as the rest of us as she recently revealed in an interview that decided to get facial fillers done in a strip mall, while under the influence.

    When Lady Gaga isn’t trying to make a statement by hiding under a mask, veil, hood or other apparatus, she often draws rumors of plastic surgery, including past rumors of breast augmentation, lip fillers and a nose job or two.

    In the past, Lady Gaga has said that she hasn’t had plastic surgery because as an artist, she wants ” free will to choose the way the world will envision me.”

    However, in the new interview, she has amended her previous statement to saying, that she has never had any ” work-work done,” by which she is most likely referring to invasive operations performed by a plastic surgeon.

    Probably, her biggest changes come from her makeup artist, although Lady Gaga did tell Howard Stern her deepest darkest plastic surgery secrets, saying that just last year she would regularly head to a strip mall to get fillers like Juvederm placed.

    According to Gaga, she wasn’t in a happy place at the time and would smoke pot before deciding to head to a lady in a strip mall in Chicago for facial injections. However, she says that she since stopped getting fillers because a photographer friend of hers advised against it.

    It is possible that Gaga’s stint with fillers is responsible for some of the changes that were attributed to more invasive procedures. She may have had a “liquid nose job” to get rid of bumps temporarily with fillers or had a little filler placed in her lips to make them appear to be fuller.

    In the future, if Gaga does decide to have more filler injections or ” work-work done,” she would be advised to seek out a plastic surgeon in order to have better results. Even fillers can be done more safely and artfully when performed by a plastic surgeon. And any ” work-work” should only be done by a doctor with certification by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, and membership in the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

    In typical Howard fashion, Gaga talked not only about her plastic surgery, but also her personal life, revealing a few tidbits including the fact that she and her boyfriend Chicago Fire actor Taylor Kinney are in no rush to get down the aisle. However, if Gaga did decide to tie the knot, she would prefer to eschew the traditional fanfare of a celebrity wedding, saying, ” I am the center of attention in my job every single day, the thought of a wedding to me is exhausting.” Instead, she would prefer to pick out the ugliest possible dresses from David’s Bridal and head to the courthouse.