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  • You wouldn’t think that a reality star and a pop diva have much in common. But in Andy Cohen’s Bravo Clubhouse, all bets are off as real stars meet reality TV stars. With so many inflated egos in one small space, something is bound to pop and that’s just what happened to Real Housewife of Orange County, Tamra Barney, when Lady Gaga was in the house.

    As host Andy and Lady Gaga played a game called, “The Edge of Glory Hole,” a play on the name of Gaga’s hit song, “Edge of Glory,” Gaga would stick her hand into a box with a hole in it to guess what she was feeling—a game dirtier sounding that was in actuality on the boring show where Andy has the opportunity to display his lack of on-camera talent.

    The first two items were mundane and easy—a box of spaghetti and a banana, but the third item was a little more difficult. After Gaga first guessed “water balloon,” she finally hit on the truth, “a prosthetic breast.”

    Indeed it was a breast implant and it belonged to none other than Real Housewife of Orange County, Bravo star Tamra Barney, who had the supersized implants removed a few seasons back after a battle with cervical cancer.

    Tamra won’t be wanting the implant back anytime soon, after Gaga handed it back to Andy, he quickly realized that it was oozing, causing the host to cry out, “She popped Tamra Barney’s implant!”

    Apparently Tamra was fine with the leak, as she Tweeted soon after the on-air accident, “Lady Gaga popped my……implant!”

    Rather than be annoyed that Gaga ruined her bizarre keepsake, Tamra seems fine with the occurrence as she later Instagrammed a photo of herself holding the ruined implant with the caption, “My famously popped implant is still in the clubhouse. #ladygaga #bravo.”

    While the implant may have once seemed a treasure, the puncture seems to indicate that it should now be considered trash.

    So how did Lady Gaga know what was in the mystery box? It seems that the bizarrely attired performance artist isn’t entirely immune to plastic surgery herself. While she may not have had breast implants or a nose job, she recently revealed that up until fairly recently she would visit a strip mall to get lip injections and facial fillers in her cheeks.

    Gaga’s foray into plastic surgery would indicate that she has more in common with the Real Housewives of any City than one would initially think. In addition to sporting sky high heels and outfits that are generally inappropriate for daytime, the Housewives collectively indulge in plastic surgery. The difference is that while Gaga and other pop stars are generally coy about their procedures, the Housewives openly undergo procedures on camera. From nose jobs and breast implants to Botox parties and lip augmentation touch-ups, both Housewives and Gaga are committed to looking their best, through whatever surgical and non-surgical means necessary.