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  • Fans of the cult classic television show Twin Peaks are ecstatic because although the show enjoyed only two seasons on the small screen, it is making a triumphant return. And apparently original cast member Lara Flynn Boyle is “desperate” to make a comeback—despite looking very different than when she first appeared on the show, due to an overload of plastic surgery.

    44-year old Lara Flynn Boyle was spotted out at La Scala, a popular celebrity hangout in Beverly Hills. Wearing her hair loose in natural waves and oversized sunglasses, Lara was nonetheless easy to spot thanks to the overzealous plastic surgery that seems to have resulted in a permanent trout pout.

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    Lara has never actually confirmed whether or not she has spent time in a plastic surgeon’s chair, but the results speak for themselves. Lara first looked to have undergone a lip augmentation back in the early 2000s and collagen and possibly Botox injections as well. Around 2006, Lara looks like she had a nose job, facelift and browlift in addition to a permanent lip augmentation using implants or collagen as well as Botox injections to smooth her skin.


    Lara’s lips currently look a little lumpy, which means she may have had some sort of permanent filler or implant placed which is no longer doing well. It would probably be beneficial for Lara to undergo a procedure to have the lumpy filler removed, although it would be a difficult thing to do.


    Actress Lisa Rinna’s lips were so large after undergoing silicone implants that she once joked that her lips had a career of their own. However, Lisa has since had the offending filler removed and her career seems to be having a resurgence as a result, with the star joining the new season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Lisa’s lips are still large, but they no longer have the unusually lumpy shape that made her the target of comments from both fans and funnymen.


    If Lara is serious about having a career comeback, she may want to consider following in Lisa’s footsteps.


    “She really wants to return. She desperately needs the career boost,” a source told the National Enquirer via The Daily Mail.


    “David and Mark have some bad memories of working with Lara, but I still think their plan is to bring her back on the new series. They just seem to want to make her sweat a little.”




    Back in the day, Lara was less desperate for work and actually turned down the opportunity to do the 1992 prequel Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me in favor of another film that has since been forgotten. She was replaced by another actress in her role, Moira Kelly.


    Lara hasn’t been doing much work lately and her puffy, swollen and distorted looking face is probably the reason. In fact, the last time Lara worked it was in the role of a scary witch in the horror flick Hansel & Gretel Get Baked, which came out in 2013.



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