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  • “Triunfo del Amor” star Livia Brito is reportedly having a hard time after getting buttocks augmentation injections.

    27-year old  Cuban born actress Livia Brito is said to have received buttocks augmentation to enhance her derriere by getting a polymer material injected. The procedure apparently took place in Colombia five years ago, but now Livia is said to be suffering from some complications as a result of the procedure and may have a very scary infection.

    “She’s living through a difficult time, and she lives in silence,” the friend said. “She has had strong pain, caused by the material that was injected. … She’s already taking action on the matter, but it’s still a delicate issue.”



    The friend went on to say that polymer injections were popular in the country at the time, but the future consequences weren’t known. Polymer is said to be safer than other injectables, such as hydrogel or silicone fillers and the results are fairly immediate after a small incision is made.


    “Over five years ago she traveled to Colombia and decided to inject polymer in her buttocks, to augment them. Back then, that was fashionable, because the consequences were not well known; now she regrets doing it,” said a friend of the actress.


    Livia first rose to fame in Mexico back in 2010 in her role as Fernanda Sandoval in “Triunfo del Amor,” and later as “Porque te Quiero, te Quiero.” The actress hasn’t commented on her struggle, although she does keep fans abreast of her activities via Twitter.


    “Life is more delicious at the gym,” she said. “At the gym everything is happiness.”


    Although buttocks injections are said to be creating problems, the procedure may not have been Livia’s first. In addition to enhancing her rear end, Livia also looks like she may have had breast implants placed at some time. Although curvy, Livia has a fairly thin frame and her breasts have the very large, round look of a breast augmentation.


    Although on the younger side, Livia may also get Botox injectons as well. Her forehead is very smooth and has a faint sheen, which is indicative of Botox being used between the brows and in the forhead. At some time she may have also had a slight rhinoplasty. Livia’s nose is much the same shape as always, but it appears to be a little narrower than in awkward childhood photos, so a small nose job to help it fit in a little better on her face may be possible.


    Livia has well shaped brows and probably defines her ace with makeup contouring techniques rather than invasive plastic surgery. Livia’s face is on the rounder side, but makeup contouring helps to make her nose appear smaller and to help define her cheekbones a little better.


    These days, Livia is a host on a dancing contest show for Televisa in Mexico. However, rumor has it that the actress is difficult to work with and has annoyed both judges and producers with her demands.



    3 Comments so far

    1. Faith Samir on October 13, 2016 4:12 am

      i love livia so much.her passion in acting n just everything about her and especially in muchacha italian.she is a beauty.

    2. dante da first on October 28, 2016 10:26 am

      Love you Livia Brito you are awesome!!!!

    3. zahra karisa on November 7, 2016 10:14 pm

      I love Livia you are very beautiful.

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