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  • As the popular reality show The Hills goes on, the main star Lauren Conrad prepares to make her exit, without plastic surgery.

    Lauren Conrad, Plastic Surgery

    23-year old Lauren is notably the only star of The Hills without plastic surgery, a path she evidently plans to continue on, as she told Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush in a recent interview.

    “I don’t think so,” Lauren told Billy when asked if she had any plastic surgery plans. “But you know what, I prefer a flatter-chested look, that’s just kind of me. I think it’s more of a more of a fashion look. If you look at a lot of high-fashion models and things like that, they’re always you know, a little flatter… I like the way clothes fit better.”

    She also revealed that if she does want bigger boobs, “that’s what wonder bras are for!”

    Many of Lauren’s friends and enemies on the show like Heidi Montag and Audrina Partridge have had breast augmentations, nose jobs or both (See Make Me Heal’s story on The Stars of The Hills’ plastic surgeries order Viagra ).

    While she’s only 23, Lauren has considered looking good in the future, saying she may turn to Botox at some point.

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    “I don’t know. I’m 23, I think that I’m good for a little bit. I don’t know, maybe later on.”

    New York plastic surgeon Dr. David Shafer says, “Lauren appears to have had Botox.  Otherwise, she has nice, glowing skin which likely the result of good diet and skin maintenance.”

    Manhattan plastic surgeon Dr. Jennifer Walden says, “Lauren Conrad denies that she has done any type of cosmetic procedure and is adamant about not enlarging her breasts. She is 23 and beautiful, so in my opinion does not need any type of injectable, although she may benefit from a facial, a healthy diet and exercise.”

    Lauren Conrad, Rhinoplasty, Nose Job

    While Lauren may deny having plastic surgery, it is quite possible that she had a nose job. Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Paul S. Nassif says, “After looking at several photos of Lauren Conrad, it does seem that in some photos her nose looks smaller and a little pinched. It looks as if she has a little asymmetry in her nasal dorsum and her nasal tip appears to be a little smaller. Her nose appears to look a little bit bulbous in one photo. So I think she might possibly have had a slight rhinoplasty, a very soft rhinoplasty.” The slight change in the appearance of Lauren’s nose could also depend on the angle of the photo as well as clever make-up.

    He adds, “Lauren looks pretty good and does not appear to have had any plastic surgery. As for her plastic surgery future, everyone can benefit from a little Botox, but she has natural beauty.”

    Make Me Heal wishes Lauren the best on her new career endeavors and looks forward to more drama to unfold on The Hills without Lauren.  The only question now is if reality star Lauren Conrad’s 15 minutes of fame are up or if she will find another successful acting gig elsewhere.

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    Read the complete plastic surgery profile of Lauren Conrad on Plasticopedia, the largest celebrity plastic surgery encyclopedia.

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    4 Comments so far

    1. Fan on July 7, 2009 8:46 am

      lauren is gorjus.

    2. texas beauty news on July 24, 2009 7:59 am

      I have every reason to believe that Lauren is still 100% natural. I like the way she talks about how she is very happy with her body and the state is in right now.

    3. emmy on December 17, 2009 8:13 pm

      what ever wat lauren conrad do in her personal life is her disession i no lauren personal and she is the most caring person ever

    4. heather on January 19, 2010 12:27 pm

      she just insulted every girl born with big boobs by saying she prefers small breasts! Lauren how do you think you make naturally big breasted women feel by this comment? Please be more sensitive in the future! Signed naturally big breasted girl

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