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  • Many reality stars begin having plastic surgery in an effort to keep up with their costars on reality television shows. Wanting to stay forever glam, reality stars openly share their beauty and cosmetic surgery treatments. But Lauren Goodger is a little different. Despite the fact that she has now left The Only Way is Essex, Lauren is still seeking out cosmetic treatments.

    Paparazzi caught 26-year old Lauren Googer leaving London beauty salon Tracie Giles on Monday after getting a treatment called the “gloss and go.”

    According to The Daily Mail, the “gloss and go” treatment is a permanent lip tinting and lip lining procedure so that you don’t have to apply lipstick and liner. You can just add gloss and look glam. Or skip the gloss altogether.

    Lauren was definitely proud and happy to undergo the treatment. Leaving the beauty facility, Lauren paused by the signage to show off her newly done pout. Later, she Tweeted her appreciation, saying “Excuse just been caught in the rain thanks @tracie_giles I’ve joined the gang and had the gloss and go lips x.”

    It’s good that Lauren is happy with her new look, given that the treatment costs upwards of $1,100 to perform.

    This isn’t the first time that Lauren has changed her look. In the past, she admitted to undergoing nose surgery in a procedure that cost around $6,500. Lauren had a small bump removed from her nose so that her new nose is more symmetrical and pleasing from all angles—important for somebody who loves having their picture taken.

    Lauren has also lost weight since first seeing herself on screen. Although she has yet to report turning to plastic surgery weight loss or liposuction to lose the bulge, she has used other trendy methods.


    A while back Lauren Tweeted, “So good be back in essex..Had amazing time at @break3retreats with @LyndseyHarr1son now chilled evening so proud of my 9lbs loss in 4 days x’ she wrote only days ago.”

    In addition, Lauren has reportedly taken to juicing, which is a controversial method of weight loss because people drink only liquefied fruits and veggies for a period of time.

    “Me n Lyndsey in bed talking about food as we on detox and haven’t eaten since Monday morn!We Juicing, so good for u!Feel so cleansed#juicing,” she also wrote.

    Proponents of the diet say that it is safe and healthy and rids the body of toxins. Naysayers say that the body gets rid of toxins on its own and that the practice is unhealthy because it can be high in sugar and may not contain all the nutrients necessary to be sustainable.

    In addition to a nose job, Lauren recently revealed that she spent almost $10,000 on breast augmentation. She explains that by yo-yo dieting, she managed to lose a lot of volume in her chest, so she had breast implants placed in December to take her from a 34D to a 34E cup.

    Lauren explains that as a curvy girl, the implants are not too big or fake for her frame, but suit her nicely.