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  • Real Housewife of New Jersey Lauren Manzo recently underwent the lap band procedure to help aid her weight loss after a life long struggle. Now that the weight has begun to fall off, Lauren may be left with some excess skin that could be taken care of with plastic surgery.

    Lauren Manzo, daughter of Real Housewife of New Jersey star has opened up about her recent weight loss, crediting the lap band procedure for her success. Commonly after a large weight loss, plastic surgery including a tummy tuck, breast lift and possible arm lift are desired to help tighten up sagging skin that is left as a result.

    Dr. Jonathan Hall is one of the top plastic surgeons in Boston, who is know for his natural appearing results. Dr. Hall, who has not treated Lauren Manzo explains, “It is common in my practice for patients to want plastic surgery after they lose a large amount of weight. Although the amount of weight loss after a lap band is not typically as much as after a gastric bypass, the amount of loose skin varies with each person and how they had gained their weight.”

    “Probably the most common procedure that we do after weight loss is an extended abdominoplasty, a kind of tummy tuck with a longer scar that wraps around the sides and helps to tighten these areas better.  Patients don’t like the “kangaroo pouch” when they sit down, and the crepe paper appearance of skin that has lost it’s elasticity by being overly stretched.”

    “I am cautious with breast implants after significant weight loss because the tissues are stretchy and with poor elasticity, and tend to stretch more in unpredictable ways with the additional weight of an implant. More ideal in many patients with significant weight loss is a “spiral mastopexy” where the patient’s own tissues are used to rebuild the breast, including some loose and hanging skin on the sides that is “spiraled” to give more volume to the breast.”

    “A brachioplasty or “arm lift” is often done in patients that are troubled by “bat wings” of upper arm skin flapping back and forth and making them uncomfortable wearing a short sleeve shirt.  But this procedure leaves a visible scar either on the inside or the back of the arm, depending on the patients and surgeons preference.  So a potentially visible scar is being traded for correction of the loose skin.  Patients that have a lot of loose skin love it, but in patients with only a little loose skin of the upper arms, the “cure may be worse than the disease.”

    “It is best to have a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon that is certified by the American board of plastic surgery and has experience with weight loss patients.  Ask to see some photos of other patients that the surgeon has operated on; that have lost a similar amount of weight.   As people have lost more and more weight, the results tend to diminish because the skin elasticity decreases, so patients who have lost 100 lbs, won’t look as good as patients who have lost 50 lbs, and patients who have lost 200 lbs won’t look as good as patients who have lost 100 lbs.  But even then, patients with realistic expectations are usually thrilled with the improvement.”

    Many hope that Lauren’s new look comes with a new positive attitude and only time will tell.

    Read the complete celebrity plastic surgery profile of Lauren Manzo on Plasticopedia, the largest celebrity plastic surgery encyclopedia.


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