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  • Leslie Mann takes on plenty of funny faced roles in her husband’s, Judd Apatow, films, but despite riffs about aging, she still manages to hold her own with younger costars. While Leslie hasn’t admitted to going under the knife, she says she has thought about it and may consider plastic surgery in the future.

    41-year old Leslie Mann may seem to have a charmed life, living in Malibu with her husband Judd Apatow and raising two girls. While many of Judd’s movies become family productions and everything seems to be idyllic, Leslie shares that nothing could be further from the truth. Just like all families, the couple goes through their share of struggles as they raise their kids in Hollywood.

    Along with the pressure to be great parents there is also plenty of pressure to look great while doing so. In the couple’s last film, This is 40, Leslie reprised her Knocked Up role as a woman struggling with her age on the brink of 40. Although she was playing younger, Leslie still managed to look amazing, even paired with much younger beauty, Megan Fox.


    In an interview with USA Today to promote the film, both Judd and Leslie joked about Leslie’s struggles with growing older in the spotlight.

    “I had a nervous breakdown. I look at myself and things look different,” she explained. “My skin looks different. My elbows, I have weird skin on my elbows I never had before. I have more wrinkles.”

    Judd followed up on his wife’s insecurities by joking, “She’s going to have elbow-tightening surgery.”

    While loose elbow skin is likely the least of Leslie’s worries, she also said that she may consider plastic surgery in the future in another interview and revealed that she isn’t against those that have opted to go under the knife.

    “Maybe there will be a day when I’ll have a nervous breakdown but right now everything’s OK. Would I have plastic surgery? I have no idea. You never know, if my face fell down to my chin! If something makes you feel better…whatever. I don’t judge. Whatever anyone wants to do is fine with me.”


    While Leslie hasn’t admitted to having plastic surgery in the past, it is possible that she’s already dabbled in some preventative measures and may be holding off on more invasive procedures for the future. Leslie’s prominent forehead looks super smooth for someone living in a sunny beach area. Leslie may be devoted to using sunscreen, but in addition she may also get Botox injections, or at least have tried Botox in the past because some photos seem to reveal a smoother forehead than others.

    To undo some of the more superficial signs of aging, Leslie may get chemical peels to reduce sunspots and fine lines, which would still leave her with adorable, youthful-looking freckles.

    Given that her kids also frequently appear in their films, Mann and Apatow may also be impressing good skincare and the importance of sunscreen on their little actresses as well.