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  • Lily Allen has a new video out and it is sparking all kinds of controversy. Amidst allegations of racism, the singer herself has spoken out what is really behind the video: a visit to a plastic surgeon.

    The video for Lily Allen’s new single, Hard Out Here opens with Lily on an operating table, saying she’s had two children in response to a question about a woman’s body. Then the singing and dancing ensues.

    In real life, Lily has had two children, which is why she has been out of the music scene for so long. But art imitating life doesn’t end there. After having her first child in 2011, Lily did pay a visit to a plastic surgeon as she was considering having plastic surgery on her newly changed body. Lily decided against the knife when the doctor recommended numerous procedures to reshape her thighs, buttocks, knees, back and stomach. Instead of plastic surgery, Lily ended up having a second child, but she still says that no one is immune to the pressure of looking good, even new mothers.

    According to Lily, the video was supposed to represent the music industry’s representation of women only as objects of desire, as in Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines video and others of that ilk. However, Lily has taken heat for the video as the scantily clad dancers she cast are primarily black.

    Lily has defended the video via her Twitter feed saying that race plays no part in the message, just the objectification of women. On her Twitter, Lily states:

    “1. If anyone thinks for a second that I requested specific ethnicities for the video, they’re wrong.

    “2. If anyone thinks that after asking the girls to audition, I was going to send any of them away because of the colour of their skin, they’re wrong.

    “3. The message is clear. Whilst I don’t want to offend anyone. I do strive to provoke thought and conversation.

    “The video is meant to be a lighthearted satirical video that deals with objectification of women within modern pop culture. It has nothing to do with race, at all.”

    “4. If I could dance like the ladies can, it would have been my arse on your screens; I actually rehearsed for two weeks trying to perfect my twerk, but failed miserably.

    “If I was a little braver, I would have been wearing a bikini too, but I do not and I have chronic cellulite, which nobody wants to see.

    “What I’m trying to say is that me being covered up has nothing to do with me wanting to disassociate myself from the girls, it has more to do with my own insecurities and I just wanted to feel as comfortable as possible on the shoot day.
    Lily then adds other points as well, which you can read on The Mirror’s website.


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