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  • Actress Linda Blair is best known for the head-twisting, green vomit puking, expletive tossing possessed little girl in the film The Exorcist. However, when she grew up Linda Blair decided to get breast implants before eventually having them removed, calling the experience a real life horror story. Although Linda isn’t exactly a Hollywood A-lister, she does enjoy a moderate amount of popularity thanks to her ongoing appearances in various horror movies. When she isn’t filming, Linda has become an advocate against plastic surgery.

    When Linda opted to get breast implants, she would have fairly young and breast augmentations would not have been as prevalent as they are these days. Even more surprising than getting breast implants was that Linda was very open about her decision, talking about them publicly. Linda also was happy to show off the results of the plastic surgery, especially sporting skimpy outfits in the films that have since become cult classics.

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    Most likely Linda had the breast augmentation procedure done in order to boost her sex appeal, help her career and maybe even improve her self esteem. However, that apparently isn’t how it worked out for Linda. It is uncertain as to what complications Linda suffered, but she ultimately decided to have her breast implants removed.

    Eventually, Linda spoke about her experience with breast augmentation, saying:


    “I am sharing my breast implant nightmare publicly for the first time here. Even though this is very personal and private, I must speak out.”

    “No one ever warned me about the problems with breast implants. If the FDA approved them, women assume they are safe. They are not. I am living proof. I was sick for years after I had my implants. Now that they’ve been removed, I am finally starting to feel better.”

    “It’s crazy for the U.S. FDA to let these be sold after looking at less than three years of information. A lot of women are still happy with their implants after a few years. Our problems start later and get worse and worse as the years go on.”

    “Isn’t it the FDA’s job to protect people from harmful food, drugs and devices? I am joining my colleagues in the entertainment industry to ask the FDA to do its job.”


    For the most part, Linda hasn’t done much in the way of acting since her heyday back in the 80s, however every so often she does make an appearance or work on a project here or there.  For a while she used her status as a scary film star to host The Scariest Places on Earth, touring the globe in search of places that were said to be haunted.


    When she isn’t working, Linda has become something of an advocate for various projects. In the past, she has worked with PETA, Feed the Children and other humanitarian organizations. She has even started her own non-profit, Linda Blair WorldHeart Foundation, which rescues abandoned and neglected animals from the streets and brings them to her rescue sanctuary, where she also lives. Sildenafil citrate
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