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  • Lindsay Lohan, Lip Injections, Plastic Surgery

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    Is Lindsay Lohan getting more plastic surgery? Lindsay Lohan, a successful rehab graduate and the 2007 Winner of the Maxim Hot 100 Women, was spotted at Anchor Bar a few nights ago nursing a bottle of vodka. Although onlookers were mesmerized by Lohan literally “drinking vodka straight from the bottle,” some were more impressed by her large, bee-stung-looking lips that got the bar patrons wondering if she had them augmented via lip injection fillers such as Restylane and Collagen.

    Lindsay’s lips have had their ups and downs, as in many photos they appear substantially fuller and more pouty than in other photos where they resume their flatter shape, suggesting that the star gets lip injections. As lip injections have a limited life, the only way to retain the voluptuous look is by having more injections.

    Plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn confirmed to Make Me Heal that Lindsay Lohan appears to be sporting lip injections. “She appears to have had her lips augmented with a filler, such as Restylane or Juvederm. The larger lips are also accentuated by a somewhat poor outlining of her lip gloss.” Dr. Youn also suggested that Lohan may be using her lip gloss to hide bruising discolorations that result from lip injections. ” Is it possible she may be trying to hide bruising which can occur with lip injections?”, added Dr. Youn.

    Another plastic surgeon named Dr. Stephen Grifka also said that Lindsay appears to have had Restylane injections in particular. “Her lips loook uniformly smooth. Collagen doesn’t generally produce such an even result.”

    To Lindsay’s defense, it may just be that her lips are natural and that she is making clever use of a lip gloss, lip liner, and using natural lip plumpers, which are typically made of a spicy, tingly gloss that naturally enhances the color and shape of the lips by increasing circulation (read more about lip plumpers).

    Being that Lindsay is rumored to have breast augmentation and rhinoplasty (nose job), it would not be a surprise if she splurged on the occasional lip injection.

    Pic Source: The Superficial

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