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  • The world was shocked when Lindsay Lohan’s half sister, Ashley Horn, revealed that she had spent $25,000 on plastic surgery in an effort to look as good as her big sister in her heyday. Now, Ashley has come forward with a tearful apology for her famous sibling: she never went under the knife.

    On The Trisha Goddard Show, Ashley Horn took a lie detector test to determine whether or not she had undergone plastic surgery to look like Lindsay Lohan.

    In a clip from the show, the host asks Ashley, ” “Did you have that plastic surgery so you would look like Lindsay Lohan? You said no.”

    And according to the results of the polygraph, Ashley is telling the truth. After the results of the test are revealed, Ashley faces the camera and speaks to Lindsay with tears in her eyes as she says, “Whether she saw it or not, whether she sees this or not, I want to say that I am so sorry for letting the media use me to drag you into this.”


    “It was not my intention. I never thought that it was going to end up this way and I am so sorry.”


    According to 18-year old Ashley, her interview with In Touch magazine was taken out of context and she never meant to bring Lindsay into it, despite a photo spread of her “new look” and being quoted as saying “My goal was to look like Lindsay in her good days, when she was around 18, 19 years old.”

    Apparently Ashley did actually have plastic surgery, but she did not go under the knife in order to appear more like her famous sister. She did however have a nose job as well as fat injections in her chin and cheeks and a redefined jawline as well.

    The Trisha Goddard Show is also where Ashley originally found out that Michael Lohan is her biological father, around the same time last year. For Ashley’s plastic surgery revelation, Michael Lohan was waiting in the wings for his own upcoming interview.

    In the past, Lindsay has stated that she wants nothing to do with her half sister, whom Michael fathered while he was “on a break” with Lindsay’s mother, Dina.

    While Ashley is now claiming that she never meant to bring up Lindsay’s name in her original In Touch interview, she brought up the actress several times, even saying that the results of her procedures made her “hotter than Lindsay.”

    Although Ashley may have had her own personal reasons for wanting plastic surgery, which had nothing to do with her famous sibling, many people want to look like their favorite celebrity.

    A plastic surgeon may be able to give you a look similar to your favorite star, but makeup can also be a useful tool. Tutorials on YouTube can show you how to use makeup and hairstyles so that you look like a star, whether you desire the famously smoky eyes of a Kardashian or the perfectly lined lips of Scarlett Johansson.