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  • Friends star Lisa Kudrow has long been suspected of having had a nose job before hitting the big time. But nobody could prove it because there don’t seem to be a lot of childhood photos of Lisa lurking online.

    50-year old Lisa Kudrow recently opened up to The Saturday Evening Post about her life-changing rhinoplasty, which she says transformed her from “hideous to not hideous.”

    Lisa explains that after a few rough years in junior high school, she was able to switch high schools without people knowing about her transformation. She calls it a ” good, good, good change.”

    During junior high school, Lisa best friends broke up with her in a very mean way. Lisa would later take her experiences with her to play her most famous role to date, Phoebe, on Friends. Lisa explains that Phoebe is a ” ditzy girl who lived in a happier reality than everybody else, because everything was so gloomy around her.”

    In the end, Lisa’s nose job clearly changed her life view as well as her career for the better. But at the age of 16, Lisa was going through a plastic surgery recovery period that likely could have benefited from The Make Me Heal Rhinoplasty Survival Kit. The kit contains healing products to make recovery faster and reduce the appearance of swelling, bruising and scarring as well as alleviate discomfort.

    Used in combination with a product such as the Face Masque Hot & Cold Pack Compress, it is easier to reduce swelling than with a bag of peas or ice that slips and slides. After surgery, the mask can be used to help open pores or even alleviate the sinus pressure from colds and allergies.

    Many people considering rhinoplasty may also consider a non-surgical nose job using injectable fillers. Known as a liquid nose job, stars such as Brandi Glanville use a filler to help correct minor imperfections in the nose to get a more symmetrical appearance or help minimize the appearance of a slight bump. Unlike a traditional, surgical nose job, the results are temporary and the fillers must be replaced periodically.

    Another option for people that aren’t thrilled with their natural is nose is to use makeup. A simple search on YouTube can show numerous tutorials on how to use makeup contouring techniques to help minimize the appearance of your nose. In fact, pop stars such as Nicki Minaj claim that using makeup is how they are able to switch up their looks. This also frequently sparks rumors of plastic surgery, so tread carefully.

    It’s great that Lisa Kudrow has opened up about her past nose job and how much it has benefited her life both personally and professionally. She has been making the press circuit as she discusses her new role as Congresswoman Josephine Marcus on the popular ABC television show Scandal, opposite Kerry Washington.

    Do you think there’s any chance that now that the cat is out of the bag on the nose job that Lisa will offer fans a look at her old nose on a Throwback Thursday?