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  • Lisa Rinna may not be a plastic surgeon but the soap actress turned Real Housewife of Beverly Hills definitely knows her way around a lip augmentation. According to Lisa, it’s a “takes one to know one” type of situation. Lisa recently revealed on an interview on Andy Cohen’s tribute to himself, Watch What Happens Live, that she believes that Kylie Jenner has had a lip augmentation.


    51-year old Lisa Rinna is more famous for her lips than she is for her talent, dubbing herself “Hollywood’s reigning lip expert.”  When asked if she thought that Kylie Jenner had undergone lip augmentation on an episode in January, Lisa nodded her head yes, adding, “That’s my feeling. I could be absolutely wrong, but I think so.”

    Lisa Rinna says Kylie Jenner got lip injections. Rinna, who got collagen lip injections and lip reconstructive surgery, said plastic surgery made her career.

    Lisa has long been open about her plastic surgeries. In addition to her famous lip augmentation, Lisa has also undergone reconstructive lip surgery, breast implants and Botox.


    Despite needing reconstructive surgery on her lips, Lisa has no regrets about her initial procedure, explaining, “I would do it again. I never had a career before I had the lips.”


    Kylie has denied a plastic surgery lip augmentation, saying that her larger than life lips are the result of makeup application and even going so far as to post makeup free selfies to prove it. However, even makeup free Kylie’s lips look large and she probably enhances her small lip augmentation further with makeup in order to make her claims true.


    Lisa isn’t the only lip expert that has weighed in on Kylie’s supersized pout that she sports whether she is shopping at the market or on the red carpet.


    “That is not just lipstick,” plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer told Hollywood Life. “Her lips look three times as wide as they did in the ‘before’ pictures.”


    Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Yoel Shahar also believes that Kylie has had a lip augmentation and adds that the young Kardashian family member may have also had Botox injections or even a browlift.


    Big sister Kim Kardashian has defended Kylie’s lips saying that her sister is just really skilled at makeup application and uses MAC lipliner to get her desired effect.


    However, Kim herself isn’t necessarily a reliable witness. For years rumors have swirled that the curvy lady has used plastic surgery to achieve her unusual body shape, but Kim has always denied it.


    After appearing fully nude on the cover of Paper magazine while balancing a champagne glass on her famous behind, plastic surgeons have developed a new theory about Kim’s rear. Rather than implants or fat grafts, Kim may have undergone two separate Brazilian buttlift procedures as well as lots of liposuction.


    “Without a doubt she had something done, probably two Brazilian butt lifts,” said plastic surgeon Dr. John Zannis. Dr. Zannis explains that Kim most likely had fat liposuctioned from other areas of her body, including torso, stomach, love handles and lower back and then had it injected into her rear end to achieve its unlikely shape and size.