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  • It may have been years since Liza Minelli appeared at the Academy Awards to accept an Oscar. But the Cabaret star definitely knows how to make an appearance. At this year’s Oscars, Liza eschewed the traditional floor length dress in favor of a slinky electric blue jumpsuit that had many Oscar watchers wondering if the diva had left her undergarments at home as not much could be concealed beneath the thin material. In typical Liza fashion, the star was made up to the nines. Since her days in Cabaret Liza always looks more than done up for the occasion and this year’s Oscar ceremony was no exception. However, many suspect that beneath the layers of makeup is some plastic surgery.

    Liza Minelli has a Hollywood pedigree and is thought to have been at this year’s Oscars ceremony due to the Wizard of OZ homage, the film that was her mother, Judy Garland’s, breakout role. Between mugging for the camera and posing with Ellen (despite some controversial comments about Liza’s looks), Liza managed to stir up the internet, who commented on everything from her unconventional outfit to plastic surgery.

    67-year old Liza Minelli has never openly admitted to plastic surgery, but given that the actress/singer never ages and always wears plenty of makeup, it seems likely that she has followed in her Hollywood heritage and slipped under the knife once or twice.


    At times, Liza seems to have a little trouble moving her forehead, which remains completely flawless, leading many to suspect that she has had a hit or two of Botox in her forehead and between her brows, as she is completely wrinkle free.


    Given that Liza has always had very arched brows which she usually pencils in very thick and heavy, Liza may have had a browlift over the years as her brows have yet to settle the way brows usually do with age. Or she may simply boost her naturally raised brows with a little Botox.


    Liza may also use some fillers in her face as her cheeks are still full and youthful, rather than hollowed and sunken like many women her age. Given that she doesn’t have nasolabial folds, she may also be using fillers to get rid of her parentheses around the mouth. In addition, Liza may have had a facelift years ago as she doesn’t have jowls or sagging skin around her chin and lower face as commonly occurs with age.


    Earlier in her career, Liza may have had a nose job as she has vertical nasal wrinkles, which while adorable, seem to occur only with nose jobs.


    Although Liza is commonly thought to have had a great deal of plastic surgery because of her unnatural appearance, it looks more like Liza just prefers the heavy makeup work on the stage in everyday life. Using heavy makeup when she was younger as well as with aging has helped Liza to camouflage any flaws and draw attention away from her flaws to her makeup.