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  • It may surprise you to learn that in the world of bodybuilding, a new trend is in people over the age of 50 taking up the sport. Bodybuilding has many benefits that are thought to promote longevity and health, including increasing flexibility, strength and cardiovascular health, all of which usually decline in this age group. Amongst competitive body builders, there are other trends as well, including plastic surgery and fake tanning. However, it is possible to get some of the benefits of bodybuilding, without a total lifestyle overhaul.

    53-year old Mary Dent was the winner of a bodybuilding competition in the over 50 category. You’d never know she competes in this category, because she looks much younger.

    “I have three kids, ages 24, 13, and 10,” Dent told Yahoo! Shine. “When I’m training, I work out every day with a personal trainer and might have a cheat meal every now and then but I never eat dessert.”

    In addition to hardcore daily training sessions, many of the women look to have had plastic surgery, most obviously breast implants because part of the competition criteria is that the women still have curves to give them a soft appearance. Other criteria for judging include hair, makeup and posture. And of course, tanning.

    While some bodybuilders don’t start training and competing until after 50, there is no reason to wait to start looking good. While physical activity is important at any age, there are few tips that you can take to look younger, no personal trainer or plastic surgeon needed.

    To fake flat abs, consider wearing shapewear garments under your clothes. With shapewear, you tend to stand straighter, giving you better posture and helping to enhance your bust, without breast implants or liposuction.

    Another trick that bodybuilders use onstage is makeup. While stage makeup tends to be over the top and very obvious looking, you can get a more natural look by using professional makeup products that enhance your natural beauty, eliminating flaws like fine lines and imperfections while bringing out your good features, or even faking them.

    Bodybuilders are notorious users of tanning beds and spray tans. Tans help to define muscles and eliminate any flaws, which is why professional competitions have spray tans on the premises of the event. A tan can also help you appear a few pounds slimmer. While bodybuilders go for tan hue that is only a few shades light of burnt, you can get a more natural glow with a tanning product. Tanning products tend to be safer than professional spray tans and tanning beds and they also allow you to “build” your color, so that you don’t suddenly appear orange or like you spent all of your time in the sun over the weekend. To make sure that you don’t get streaks or patches of color, be sure to exfoliate first, especially around tricky areas like knees and elbows.

    By following these tips and tricks of the bodybuilding trade, you can get some of the benefits of looking younger and fitter, without the rigorous training schedule or plastic surgery recovery time of professional bodybuilders like Mary Dent.

    Read the complete celebrity plastic surgery profile of Mary Dent on Plasticopedia, the largest celebrity plastic surgery encyclopedia.


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