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  • While some stars seem to loose themselves with plastic surgery as they age, Goldie Hawn seems to get better and better. The veteran actress shows signs of having plastic surgery, but they only make her look younger than her years and more stunning. Goldie’s most recent round of plastic surgery looks even better than the last time Makemeheal.com investigated her possible plastic surgery.

    At 68, Goldie Hawn is one good looking granny, probably thanks to the few nips and tucks she has had over the years. A few years back, Goldie admitted to having some work done on her eyes, which is probably an upper and lower blepharoplasty procedure that got rid of the sagging eyelids that often come with age, which have helped to reveal her signature sparkling baby blues.

    A source close to the star also told the National Enquirer that Goldie has had a couple of facelifts over the years, which would explain why she remains so fresh-faced and jowl-free.

    And her anti-aging plastic surgery regimen looks like it may be ongoing, as Goldie stepped out for a night on the town looking like she may have had some further plastic surgery refreshment.

    “Goldie looks 20 years younger than she did just two years ago,” said celebrity plastic surgeon, Dr. Anthony Youn, who has not treated Hawn, to The Enquirer. ”She’s transformed herself into a true California girl.”

    Now that Goldie has had invasive surgery, the Enquirer believes that she goes for touchups using injectable filler Perlane, from a dermatologist.

    In addition, Dr. Youn believes that Goldie may have had a few other procedures done, from laser treatments to lip injections, adding up to around $8,000 worth of work.

    “I suspect Goldie has had Botox injections to smooth forehead wrinkles and lift her eyebrows,” explained Dr. Youn. ”It also appears that she’s undergone injections of a filler like Juvederm to plump up her lips and smooth her smile lines. Her skin looks pristine, which may be due to several laser treatments, such as the Syneron CO2RE system for skin tightening.”

    In the past, Goldie has been known to party late into the night and her plastic surgery procedures likely help to lessen the harsh effects of little sleep.

    On occasion, Goldie has appeared to be a little puffy-faced, which indicates that she may have used some fillers over zealously, or had them done recently when the photo was taken.

    These days, it looks like Goldie has hit her plastic surgery stride, with breast implants that fit her body and gentle facial touch ups that allow her to look well, but not over done.

    In the past, Goldie has played women obsessed with youth and retaining her looks, as an aging actress with over-filled collagen lips in The First Wive’s Club and alongside Meryl Streep as she searches for everlasting life and youth in Death Becomes Her. Lucky for Goldie, life doesn’t seem to be her art, as she is looking better than ever.