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  • There are several stars out there that are proud of their supersized booties. Yet none of them has admitted to using plastic surgery to achieve a full derriere. So Nya Lee, one of the stars of reality television show Love & Hip Hop, is setting a new standard. Not only did she admit to getting buttocks implants, she actually filmed the procedure.

    23-year old Nya Lee reportedly wants to be the next “Diddy” and is on her way to making a name for herself as a NYC stripper and star on Love & Hip Hop. Nya was formerly best known for her distinctive super short hair style and a scar on her neck, the result of revision plastic surgery after an incident at a club. Now Nya is getting more attention for her body, thanks to her recent buttocks augmentation.

    There are plenty of stars that have become famous for their large rear ends as much as for their sketchy-stardom. However, while rumors persist none of these women have admitted to using plastic surgery to boost their assets and some have even openly denied going under the knife.

    Nya is very different. Not only did she admit to using plastic surgery for buttocks augmentation injections, she filmed the procedure. On camera, Nya says that she hopes to not only boost her butt size, but also how she feels.

    ““Get your liposuction get your butt lift get anything that you think on your body is…you know not so perfect, and you want to change…change whatever little flaw that you may think you have…I want you guys to see I’m totally comfortable with everyone knowing that I definitely went through plastic surgery.”

    It seems likely that Nya had what is known as a Brazillian buttocks augmentation, as she also undergoes liposuction in the videos. Fat is liposuctioned from the thighs and then injected into the buttocks.

    It looks like Nya had a procedure done by a doctor, although some blogs have reported that Nya previously had her buttocks augmented in a girlfriend’s basement, which is a very bad idea. Plastic surgery performed by anyone other than a qualified plastic surgeon can lead to all sorts of problems from deformities to death as it is unregulated and you don’t know what is being injected. The worst cases often make the news, as one woman found out the hard way that she was actually injected with concrete purchased in a hardware store, not medical grade silicone.

    Despite being world famous for her big butt, Kim Kardashian has always denied having buttocks augmentation, even going so far as getting it x-rayed to prove that she didn’t have implants. Kim may not have gotten implants, but she may have had a Brazillian butt lift and so fat injections would not show up on a medical test.

    Other stars have also boosted their careers with their outstandingly large derrieres, whether or not they admit to having had plastic surgery, including model Coco and actress Mariann Gavelo.