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  • Looking at Madeleine Stowe’s perfectly smooth and prominent forehead each week on the hit TV show Revenge, it seems nearly certain that the actress uses Botox to stay beautifully wrinkle-free. But apparently, it just isn’t so.

    On the October cover of NewBeauty, 55-year old Madeleine Stowe looks stunning and just like the conniving social climber Victoria Grayson she plays on TV. In the pages of the magazine, she opens up about how she stays so remarkably wrinkle-free, giving out advice and tips that she learned as a young woman.

    Madeleine explains that she hasn’t had Botox, although many people she has. Instead, she says her mother made sure that she didn’t mar her expression with wrinkles.

    My mother told me: ‘Stay out of the sun and don’t wrinkle your forehead.’ She used to scream when I made that expression that crinkles it,” Stowe tells the mag (as reported by People via E!Online). “Now everyone thinks I’ve had Botox, and I have to make that face to prove I haven’t.”

    While Madeleine seems comfortable in her skin and fine with the aging process, she admits that it wasn’t always so easy. Until she was 50, she wasn’t that happy with growing older.

    But she also reveals to the magazine how she has managed to keep her skin taut and firm, even without plastic surgery or Botox.

    According to Madeleine, for her flawless face she does “facial exercise” and sticks to drinking lots of water and getting plenty of sleep. She says that the latter two things are traditional skin care methods that have worked for years and she’s sticking with them.

    Still, she does admit to indulging in the occasional facial. However, she says that her facials are pretty standard and don’t include high-tech gizmos or laser treatments.

    Even more surprising is that Madeleine doesn’t believe in hitting the gym too hard or too often because she says that overexercising can wear down the skin and make you look older.

    And while many stars are fans of juices and cleanses to lose weight and boost energy, Madeleine says that all of that is nonsense too.

    “I think juice cleanses and all of those detoxes are total BS,” she insists. “I love fresh juices and I drink them, but can anyone really explain to me what a toxin is?”

    Still, while Madeleine acknowledges that she wouldn’t mind looking the same way she did in her 30s, the real secret to looking good is leading a happy life. To this end,  Madeleine says she makes a deliberate attempt to live life and enjoy the moment.

    Given Madeleine’s flawless fair skin, Makemeheal.com suspects that in addition to her facials and exercises, Madeleine is also regular about using sunscreen to prevent the signs of aging and damage that solar exposure can cause. She probably knows that sunscreen is also important on cloudy days to prevent aging skin. Along with regular facials and during or after her “facial exercise,” Madeleine probably uses skincare products to help moisturize her skin.