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  • Madonna has been an enigma to fans ever since she stopped aging a decade ago. With rumors of plastic surgery being repeatedly denied by Madonna, people have been left to wonder if the star’s macrobiotic diet and intense workouts are the real reason for Madonna’s remarkable youthful look. All doubts may now be cast aside, as seeing Madonna with two black eyes hidden under a pair of sunglasses leaving a medical building in New York on Monday have renewed rumors that 49-year old Queen of Pop has undergone a mini face lift, or blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), or some other facial plastic surgery.

    Madonna, Facelift, Face Lift

    Being that Madonna is happily married to Guy Ritchie and domestic violence is not the likely cause of the bruises, plastic surgery is a very strong possibility. Such a bruising pattern is a typical tell-tale sign of cosmetic surgery. Such bruising can occur following a mid face lift or cheek lift whose purpose is to enhance the appearance of droopy cheeks and result in a more proportionate, youthful face. Being that the bruising was not considerable, it is possible that Madonna has already been recuperating for a good few days and the bruising was less pronounced. Alternatively, a blepharoplasty to remove sagging skin, tighten droopy eyelids, and take out under eye bags can lead to this type of bruising. Further, dermal injections such as Restylane in the lower eyelid can also result in bruising of this type.

    Madonna, Face Lift, Facelift

    The case for Madonna having plastic surgery is quite convincing, as earlier this year Madonna shocked audiences with her unbelievably refreshed look at the 2007 Oscars, which led Make Me Heal and other insiders to believe that she treated herself to some minimally invasive facial cosmetic procedures such as Thermage, dermal fillers like Botox, and possibly even a mini facelift. With the under-eye bruises in toe, the case for a mid-facelift becomes plausible. Looking at pictures of Madonna, one cannot help but notice the sudden disappearance of her former crows feet around her eyes, the absence of her once prominent naso-labial folds (that emanate from the corner of her nose), the lack of wrinkles on her forehead, the sudden tighter jaw line, and the lack of loose skin on her clean and taut neck line. Only a few years ago, Madonna started having some serious naso-labial lines and her jaw has become slacker with looser skin. With this aging pattern, one would expect Madonna to have some jowls, forehead lines, and sagging skin on her neck. The lack of these normal age-related facial changes signals a potential small mini facelift. A mini facelift involves tightening some muscles and removing excess skins. Of course, it is possible that Madonna has dabbled in non-invasive treatments such as thermage or chemical peels. The lack of wrinkles around her forehead suggest botox injections and the lack of crow’s feet around her eyes indicate that she got dermal fillers in that zone. For these reasons, it appears that Madonna has been having small cosmetic procedures all along her career to keep her look eternally refreshed. The potential procedure that led to Madonna’s bruised eyes may simply be one of many procedures she has to keep herself in her prime shape.

    After looking at the photos, plastic surgeon John Di Saia told Make Me Heal that a few different types of plastic surgeries could be at hand for Madonna.

    “Lower eyelid bruising could indicate lower blepharoplasty and/or rhinoplasty. Some docs also inject soft tissue fillers such as Restylane TM in the lower eyelid “trough” and this can result in a bruise as well,” says Di Saia.

    London-based plastic surgery consultant Adrian Richards remarked on Madonna’s age defying look, saying that on a woman of her age “you would expect to see jowls, lines across the forehead, and eyebrows which are beginning to droop”. As Madonna’s pictures show, this is hardly the case for this age-defying beauty.

    Richards goes on to say that the aging process should actually have accelerated in light of Madonna’s active lifestyle and hard-core workouts. “That’s especially the case for someone who has done a lot of running, which loosens skin and muscle due to all the pounding, and general exercise, which increases the body’s production of free radicals, the atoms which can damage cells and speed up the ageing process,” adds Richards.

    Along with the mini-lift or other facial cosmetic procedures is talk of a breast augmentation that Madonna is rumored to have had this past summer (read the full article about Madonna’s breast augmentation). The rumors were sparked after Madonna had seemingly grown by a cup size earlier this summer, when compared to her smaller chest in early 2006. Then, Madonna is also rumored to have some nose slimming back in the 1990′s.

    Madonna, Breast Implants, Augmentation

    Madonna has previously gone on the record about plastic surgery, saying “I am not going to have a press conference if I have plastic surgery”. And rightfully so, why should she? While she may have gotten cosmetic surgery, Madonna’s look is not attributed solely to the knife. Credit is to be given to Madonna who has gone to far measures to keep herself in great shape with her strict diet, skincare regimen, exercise, and healthy lifestyle achieved by a balance of physical exercise and spiritual endeavors such as her Kabbalah practice.

    Read the complete celebrity plastic surgery profile of Madonna on Plasticopedia, the largest celebrity plastic surgery encyclopedia.

    Photo credit (top photo): Daily Mail

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