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  • When it comes to Madonna’s seemingly ageless body and face, many have been quick to pawn off her miraculous natural physical attributes to some freak of nature occurrence like the unfair will of the beauty gods or her so-called “lucky” genes. This explanation can only go so, as Madonna’s unsightly hands tell another story.

    Madonna, Plastic Surgery, Hands

    Only last week, the 49-year old singer was caught on camera leaving a club with wrinkly and vein-laden hands that reveal her true age. The contrast between her fifty-something looking hands youthful face are a dead giveaway to the fact that the star has succumbed to plastic surgery many times over before.

    Madonna, Cosmetic Surgery, Hands

    Unfortunately for Madonna, the hands are one of the first body parts that cry out one’s true age, as fat and plumpness is lost over time, giving way to bony, thin hands with protruding veins and vessels that become more visible through the skin. Fortunately for Madonna, there are hand rejuvenation treatments, including fat injections to plump up the hand, give bony hands more volume, and give instant results with no downtime. The fat can reabsorb and some volume may be lost after six months to a year, although additional injections can be done to preserve the look. Additionally, other treatments can also address the condition of the skin of the hands including, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, laser skin resurfacing, among other cosmetic treatments.

    With these bony hands, it becomes quite convincing that the rest of Madonna’s body would have probably aged in tandem with her hands had she not gotten some help from the knife – especially facial plastic surgery treatments. Make Me Heal decided to examine some of Madonna’s plastic surgery rumors and set the truth on them.

    Madonna, Face Lift, Facelift

    Earlier this year, Madonna shocked audiences with her unbelievably refreshed look at the 2007 Oscars, which led insiders to believe that she treated herself to a series of minimally invasive facial cosmetic procedures, perhaps a mini facelift, botox injections, thermage, or another laser facial procedure. The before and after pictures make this conclusion quite convincing when noting the disappearing lines that once perched themselves a little below her eyes, the absence of her once prominent naso-labial folds (that emanate from the corner of her nose), the lack of wrinkles on her forehead, the tightening that occurred around her jaw line, and the lack of slack skin on her clean and taut neck line. Only a few years ago, Madonna started exhibiting some serious lines around her nose and a softer jawline with looser skin. With this aging pattern, one would expect Madonna to have some jowls, furrows (forehead lines) and drooping around the neck. The lack of these normal age-related facial changes signals a potential small mini facelift (which involves the tightening of over-relaxed facial muscles and the removal of excess skin). Alternatively, it is possible that Madonna had some of the new age scar-less facial treatments such as thermage or chemical peels. The lack of wrinkles around her forehead suggest botox injections and the lack of crow’s feet around her eyes indicate that she likely has dabbled in Restylane injections.

    London-based plastic surgery consultant Adrian Richards remarked on Madonna’s age defying look, saying “On a woman of 46 you would expect to see jowls, lines across the forehead, and eyebrows which are beginning to droop”. As Madonna’s pictures show, this is hardly the case for this age-defying beauty.

    Richards goes on to say that the aging process should actually have accelerated in light of Madonna’s active lifestyle and passion for running. “That’s especially the case for someone who has done a lot of running, which loosens skin and muscle due to all the pounding, and general exercise, which increases the body’s production of free radicals, the atoms which can damage cells and speed up the ageing process,” adds Richards.

    Along with the mini-lift or other facial cosmetic procedures is talk of rhinoplasty (nose job) and this was not the first round of chatter in the nose area for Madge, as she has been accused of some nose slimming way back in the 1990’s also.

    Fast forward a few seasons to this summer and Madonna has been linked with a possible breast augmentation. The rumors were sparked after Madonna had seemingly grown by a cup size earlier this summer, when compared to her smaller chest in early 2006.

    Madonna, Breast Implants, Augmentation

    Plastic surgeon Anthony Youn stated, “She looks to have gone from a B to a C and may have had a recent augmentation.” Youn goes on to point out the unusual scenario of a women with as little body fat as Madge maintaining a cup as full as the recent one she’s sporting. Given Madonna’s exercise regimen, the toll of motherhood and age, the perkiness and fullness of her breasts do appear to defy the laws of nature. However, it is quite possible that Madonna’s busty look of recent is helped by push up bras and chicken cutlets (bra pad inserts). If anything, it’s also possible that Madonna got her breast implants earlier in her career and has now have gone in for a tune-up and gotten a breast lift.

    On the other hand, Madonna’s loyal rep has of course been on the record stating “Madonna’s breasts are the ones that God has blessed her with.”

    “Blessed” is definitely a fair adjective describing Madonna’s career path and persona molding ability of re-invention but “blessed with a knack for finding good doctors” may be a better way to explain her physical state of affairs.

    Just as interested as the plastic surgery savvy and celebrity obsessed gliterrati are, so are some women of Hollywood in Madonna’s recent changes. Gwyneth Paltrow when asked her opinions on Madge’s perking assets stated, “They are fantastic by the way.” Sharon Osbourne has had quite a mouthful on the subject also saying, “I went into shock at Madonna’s new head. See she’s got that botox in the forehead. Oh, Madonna I know what you’ve been doing. There’s no line on that bloody head.” Osbourne is right on the money actually, because eyebrows that have retained such an arch as Madge’s with still a totally smooth forehead, are usually a very strong indicator of Botox treatments.

    Surely Madonna supplements dermal injection fillers with a strict skincare regimen, regular facials and perhaps even some skin peels, but her noteworthy face is only possible with that additive botox, and perhaps the mini face lift discussed earlier.

    Madonna has herself gone on the record about plastic surgery, saying “I am not going to have a press conference if I have plastic surgery”. And rightfully so, why should she? We all live to bask in a life of youth, beauty, and divine presence all of which, Madonna has successfully exemplified and deserves a round of applause for doing so in secrecy.

    Read the complete celebrity plastic surgery profile of Madonna on Plasticopedia, the largest celebrity plastic surgery encyclopedia.

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    Pic source: Daily Mail



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