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  • Celebrities should know better than to try to hide their beauty secrets from the world. Sooner or later we will all find out, one way or another. Madonna could use a few pointers because despite her publicist trying hard to cover it up, she has obviously had some plastic surgery done on her face. Her forehead and eyes are line and wrinkle-free!

    Material girl pop princess Madonna is known for much more than her movies or her music. She is an amazing woman, working oftentimes better than her best in the entertainment business. She is also known to do wild, over-the-top, crazy things. It’s no wonder she needs to look good. At the age of 47, at her recent appearance at the 2007 Oscars she looked good and young, as is every woman’s dream at her age.

    Madonna Face Lift

    About two years ago, when Madonna was 45, she visited a plastic surgeon around Christmas. Maybe it was her Christmas present to herself because a woman who is 45 should definitely have loose skin around her eyes. She had a facelift done, possibly to hide the wrinkles. Botox is what happened to her forehead. There appears to be not a single line, which is impossible for a woman who is aging naturally. So unless there is some magic marker eraser, she cannot hide her face anymore.

    Okay, so it’s no longer a secret that she has had a facelift. Just look at her picture from the Oscars this year. From the pictures taken from a site featuring good plastic surgery and a site featuring awful plastic surgery, we can see that she not only got a new face, but she got a new nose. That’s right. In addition to a facelift, Madonna had some rhinoplasty done. It seems though that that is old news as apparently, from above named sources, she had her nose slimmed in the 1990’s.

    And for any of you doubters out there, even top London surgeon Apostolos Gaitanis says, “I suspect she has been enhanced by cosmetic surgery. Her jawline looks less soft and better defined. This may have been done with a mini-lift which involves the tightening of over- relaxed facial muscles and the removal of excess skin.” Also, we can not put aside another expert in plastic surgery Ozzy Osbourne’s wife, Sharon, who is firmly in the camp that believes the new image is due to some kind of medical intervention. “I tell you what, I went into shock at Madonna’s new head,” Sharon said. “See, she’s got Botox in that forehead. Oh, Madonna, I know what you’ve been doing! There’s not one line on that bloody head!”

    However, “Madonna’s spokeswoman denies the star has received any plastic surgery treatment.” Hmmm. What are you hiding Madonna? What else have you done? There’s no need to be shy, as many other stars have had cosmetic surgery done as well, though they may deny it as well. Denying must be a new trend nowadays.

    Certainly she is not going to announce any new changes to her body, but at least she admits to thinking about it: “She says, ‘I am not going to hold a press conference if I have plastic surgery. But I have said many times, I think about it, like everybody, and I sure don’t rule it out.’”

    And finally, like everyone else, she is worried about her weight. Who isn’t these days? That does not matter however, as she is definitely looking spectacular. It also doesn’t hurt that she does yoga to stay fit and well body-toned. Yeah, bet you didn’t know that either. Shhh! As long as you don’t tell Madonna, it’s ok; it’ll stay a secret.

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