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  • This year brought many revelations in which celebrities have attempted to better their looks with plastic surgery, not all of them successful. Here’s a look at some of the worst celebrity plastic surgery of 2011.

    Marie Osmond has long been rumored to have had plastic surgery and this year brought further confirmation. In between tragedy and getting married, as well as her Las Vegas show, she must have taken some time off for plastic surgery recovery after undergoing a possible facelift, forehead lift and blepharoplasty and maybe some body countouring like liposuction. She has likely also had Botox injections as well as fillers like Sculptra in her cheeks and Restylane or Juvederm in her lips (See Make Me Heal’s story on Marie Osmond’s plastic surgery).

    Carrie Fisher has been laying low for a while, possibly due to plastic surgery recovery, but she made several appearances this year that led fans of Princess Leia to suspect the Star Wars had been dabbling in plastic surgery after losing 50 pounds. Carrie has likely had several procedures including a facelift and necklift as well as an over zealous eyelift as well as dermal fillers (See Make Me Heal’s story on Carrie Fisher’s plastic surgery).

    Mary Tyler Moore steps into the limelight to showcase her love of arts and causes and when she attended the opening night of Broadway show Follies at the Marquis Theatre with a swollen, shiny face, she furthered rumors that she has had plastic surgery. Mary has never publicly admitted to having had plastic surgery, although she is believed to have had several facelifts, a nose job and a lip augmentation (See Make Me Heal’s story on Mary Tyler Moore’s plastic surgery).

    Courtney Stodden is constantly drawing speculation that she has had plastic surgery after becoming the world’s most famous teenager when she married 51-year old actor Doug Hutchinson. Her provocative poses and mature appearance also gave way to speculation that Courtney’s overt sexual structure is the result after breast augmentation and that she may have gotten a nose job and Botox (See Make Me Heal’s story on Courtney Stodden’s plastic surgery).

    Simon Cowell has been getting Botox injections for years (and proudly), but this year it looks like the host you love to hate went a little overboard. On one occasion, he didn’t allow for plastic surgery recovery time after he appeared with bruises around his eyes.  On another appearance, he looked nearly waxlike and frozen in place after too much Botox had applied to his face (See Make Me Heal’s story on Simon Cowell’s Botox).

    Unfortunately for these celebrities they had a little too much of a good thing, resulting in unnatural and unlikely appearances. Maybe they can resolve to correct their mistakes in 2012.

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