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  • This year’s Academy Award nominees for Best Supporting Actor range from action films to comedies and the dramas that make up the list every year. As Make Me Heal explores the list of Best Supporting Actors, we look at each actor’s past plastic surgery and what procedures could help them look their best for their upcoming films.

    41-year old Josh Brolin has been nominated for his role in the historic film Milk. A handsome man, like his father actor James Brolin, Josh could benefit from some work around his eyes.

    Josh Brolin, Plastic Surgery

    Plastic surgeon Dr. Paul S. Nassif, says, “Josh Brolin looks a little heavy around the eyes. He would do well to have some eyelid surgery.”

    Plastic surgeon Dr. Sherrell J. Aston tells Make Me Heal, “Josh Brolin will be 41 years old in a few days and he looks good. His eyebrows are low and in a few years he may want a browlift to just open the appearance of his eyes. His eyes would also feel less heavy. However one must be careful with male browlifts so as to not make the eyes look feminine.  I don’t think he has had any procedures at this time.”

    The funniest Supporting Actor nomination was for Robert Downey Jr’s role as a black man in the slapstick comedy Tropic Thunder. The 43-year old actor has had a hard life, but it doesn’t seem to have affected his appearance too much.

    Robert Downey Jr., Plastic Surgery

    Plastic surgeon Dr. Jennifer Walden tells Make Me Heal, “Robert Downey Jr. has lived hard and his eyes sometimes look tired with heaviness of the upper lids and bags under the lowers.  He would possibly benefit from a blepharoplasty of the upper and lower lids (an eyelid lift) because other than that, he still looks mischievous and young!”

    Dr. Nassif also thinks Robert looks good, and although he likely hasn’t had any work in the past, could still benefit from some Botox.

    In the past, Make Me Heal has reported on Robert Downey Jr.’s skin resurfacing laser treatments, which have helped him look refreshed despite his drug and alcohol-using past. (See Make Me Heal’s story on Robert Downey Jr.’s plastic surgery).

    41-year old Philip Seymour Hoffman has been nominated for his work in the film Doubt. The overweight actor could definitely do better in the looks department, but as he’s earned a lot of recognition with his appearance, it doesn’t seem to matter.

    Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Cosmetic Surgery

    Dr. Nassif tells Make Me Heal, “Philip Seymour Hoffman needs to lose a lot of weight, a lap band could help. He also needs face care such as microdermabrasion and skin products.”

    Hair loss expert Dr. Alan Bauman says, “Philip Seymour Hoffman’s high, receded hairline and swoopingly-long forelock seem to be his signature look.  However, if he chose to have a lower hairline, this could be accomplished undetectably using modern hair transplantation techniques, called follicular-unit micrografting, which transplant one, two or three hair follicles at a time.   The good news is that the long, swooping hair would cover most of the healing process which, when accelerated with hyperbaric oxygen treatments and phototherapy, now takes only a week.”

    Dr. Aston also noted Philip’s weight problem, saying, “Phillip Seymour Hoffman is 41 years old and could benefit from liposuction of the neck and jawline and still play his same roles. He naturally has a full face and although it is a bit loose one must be careful to not change him too much.  His eyelid would also benefit from a very carefully performed blepharoplasty. He can definitely be improved without looking done. However things are going very well for him at this point so he might just stay as he
    is.” (See Make Me Heal’s story on Philip Seymour Hoffman’s plastic surgery).

    34-year old Michael Shannon’s performance in Revolutionary Road has earned him an Oscar nomination. His untraditional features are not the result of plastic surgery. Because of his relatively young age, he likely won’t need to have any work done in the future.

    Michael Shannon, Plastic Surgery

    Dr. Nassif says, “He looks good and doesn’t need to have anything done at this point.”

    Dr. Aston says, “Michael Shannon is 34 years old. He does not appear to have had any plastic surgery and he doesnt need any.”

    Make Me Heal wishes all the Best Supporting Actors good luck at the Oscars, including their late peer Heath Ledger, who was nominated for his role as the maniacal Joker in The Dark Knight.

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