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  • While red carpet events usually focus on the women, including what they’re wearing and what they are holding in those tiny little purses, this year’s Golden Globes held a lot of focus on the men, as they managed to transform into different people on screen. Here’s a look at the plastic surgery secrets behind some of the best performances over the past year.

    Jared Leto, Best Supporting Actor winner for Dallas Buyers Club, dropped a lot of weight and wore a lot of makeup for his outstanding turn in the film. These days he looks to be back to his usual rocker weight. A lot of his crags and creases that were so visible in the film seem to have filled in, which could be the result of a healthy weight gain, but he could also be aided his new healthy look with some fillers and Botox to look smooth, especially his forehead. In his role as a frontman for 30 Seconds to Mars, he often wears makeup, so maybe his alter ego has taught him how to look his best.

    Matthew McConaughey took home the Golden Globe for Best Actor for Dallas Buyers Club. Like his costar, Jared, Matthew also dropped a lot of weight off his usually muscular frame, which he has already started to put back on. During his acceptance speech, he managed to squeeze in a few lines from his first screen role in “Dazed and Confused.” It looks like putting on weight has also put a better look on Matthew, and paired with the hair transplant he probably had a few years back, he looks nearly as youthful as he did 20 years ago.

    Michael Douglas took home the Golden Globe for Best Actor in a made for television movie for his role as Liberace in Behind the Candelabra. Liberace was well known for his search for eternal youth via plastic surgery and Michael Douglas recently admitted that he wouldn’t be opposed to going under the knife if it helped him look better. A while back, Michael did go under the knife for a facelift, revealing bandages near his ears to protect his cars. Despite his recent battle with cancer, Michael is looking good these days, although his facial hair is getting a little out of control. Maybe he’s hiding loose skin with a beard?

    Michael’s costar, Matt Damon, was nominated in the same category, but lost out to the more flamboyant character. However, when promoting the film, he admitted to getting a spray tan, which left his onscreen image looking like he had just stepped out of the pool. Matt could get similar effects at home with a self tanning cream, if he liked the look.

    Leonardo DiCaprio won the Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Drama for his role The Wolf of Wall Street. Although he is known for his boyish looks, even as he approaches 40, Leonardo could use a little Botox to help relax the deep wrinkle between his brows. His face is largely free of prominent wrinkles, and the one between his brows can be a distraction. In moderation, Botox can appear natural and won’t diminish his ability to show emotion on his face.