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  • The men at the Academy Awards looked dapper and handsome walking the red carpet and hitting the stage as both presenters and winners.  For the most part, it looked the stars had just put on their best and gotten a little more grooming than usual to clean up for the show.

    12 Years a Slave stunned by winning for Best Picture. Stars like Best Actor Nominee Chiwetel Ejiofor looked great, but natural. The actor has a few scars on his forehead leftover from a tragic wreck he was in as a child, where he lost his father. If he chose, Chiwetel could probably benefit from some scar reduction products. Costars Benedict Cumberbatch and Michael Fassbender who both played slave owners in the film also look to be all natural and not using plastic surgery. Producer Brad Pitt, who also had a small but heroic role in the film, seems to be the only member of the film’s cast who has been rumored to have been under the knife. Sporting a graying beard and haircut for his new role, Brad has been rumored to have had laser treatments in the past for his notoriously bad skin. Given his shiny face, it seems that maybe a touch up is in order.

    Matthew McConaughey won for Best Actor and gave a very detailed speech about his personal beliefs and experiences. The Southern star famously dropped a lot of weight to play the AIDS victim star in his winning role in  The Dallas Buyers Club, but he looked like he has since recovered his usually sexy self. The only plastic surgery he appears to have had is a hair transplant a few years back to combat his hair loss. The results were good as his hairline was filled in with a very natural look.

    Matthew’s fellow nominees, including Leonardo DiCaprio from Wolf of Wall Street, also look very natural. Leo has a very deep crease between his brows that seems to be getting deeper over time, indicating that the popular star doesn’t use treatments like Botox to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Bruce Dern, who was nominated for his role in Nebraska, cleaned up more than usual for this red carpet, trimming his usual wild hair back so that it didn’t stick out.

    Also winning for Dallas Buyer’s Club was Best Supporting Actor Jared Leto. Jared doesn’t appear to have aged since his fame-making role on My So-called Life television series. Jared clearly takes care of his hair as his signature mane was flowing and gorgeous and probably the result of intense conditioning treatments that help with damage done by coloring and style. Jared doesn’t look to be using Botox or fillers, but he may get some chemical peels and laser treatments on occasion to help him recover from the heavy makeup he sports in his alternate personality as a rock star.


    The men cleaned up well for the big night, although plastic surgery probably wasn’t part of their routine.