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  • Plastic Surgery At The MTV Film Awards

    Mandy Moore, a presenter at the MTV Film Awards this Sunday, has a plastic surgery secret that she does not want fans to know about.

    Mandy Moore, Nose Job, Rhinoplasty

    When Mandy Moore made her entrance at the MTV Awards tonight in an elegant red dress with her “Licensed To Wed” co-star John Krasinksi, she did not want fans to know about her plastic surgery secret.

    Despite denying previously that she had gone under the knife, Moore’s pretty nose is rumored to be the un-genetic result of a rhinplasty (nose job) that was done sometime in the last 3-5 years. That would mean that Moore had her surgery by the tender age of 20.

    In Mandy Moore’s younger photos, her nose has a wider, round tip. Fast forward to the present and her nose is a bit slimmer, with a pointier tip. Just taking a closer look at the nostrils, it appears that they come in more inwardly compared to her old nose where the nostrils are more pronounced, making Mandy Moore’s nose look smaller overall.

    Moore has flatly denied the rhinoplasty allegations, insisting that the plastic surgery rumor “doesn’t make sense! I haven’t had a nose job!”

    To Mandy Moore’s defense, the changes that are seen in the photos are subtle enough that it is possible that her nose is natural and that the pictures are simply showing her in angles that exaggerate her nose. Speaking to Make Me Heal about the MTV Awards, Plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn also was not sure about Moore having a rhinoplasty, saying “She may very well have had a rhino, but it’s not completely obvious with these photos.” Dr. Youn added that “I think it may be the certain photo of her (maybe she is looking a bit surprised and taking in a breath). Anyways, the front view before and after are not comparable photos since she is smiling in one and not the other.”

    Rhinoplasty can be done for aesthetic reasons or to fix a disfigured nose if the person has gone through an accident. Most celebrities get nose jobs for aesthetic reasons, usually to meet the standards of beauty as portrayed by the media. Mandy Moore may have been bitten by the Hollywood Plastic Surgery bug, but being so young, she didn’t want to admit to it…just yet.

    Read the complete plastic surgery profile of Mandy Moore on Plasticopedia.

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