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  • As more and more stars try to keep in touch with their fans, not only are they opening up about plastic surgery procedures, they are even telling fans about it before it happens. Ex-TOWIE star Maria Fowler is known to be big on plastic surgery, but she recently informed fans that she was about to hit up the plastic surgery clinic for some Botox as she was on her way there.

    27-year old Maria Fowler is on the younger side for having Botox injections but it seems that the former reality show star is just a big fan of the smooth look. Ahead of her arrival at the Cosmetic Surgery Clinic Skinviva in Manchester, Maria Tweeted the reason for her appointment to fans, with a photo accompanied by the caption, “Cheese! Off for some Botox.”

    At the clinic, The Daily Mail reports that Maria received Botox injections in her forehead. Given Maria’s young age and the fact that she wears bangs in her current hairstyle, Botox injections seem a bit unnecessary. However, Maria may be considering the future as Botox also works to prevent wrinkles from becoming worse over time.


    In addition, Maria reportedly also had Hyaluronidase injections in her lip. It seems that Maria had fillers placed in her lips four years ago, which caused a lump, and the Hyaluronidase is used to break it up.


    Maria is so open and confident about her procedures, that she even shared a photo of herself in the doctor’s office during the injections.


    After the appointment, Maria then took to Instagram to share her thoughts on her results, which look to be good, saying, “Just a nice freshen up at @skinviva nice.”


    Despite her young age, Maria seems to be pretty familiar with plastic surgery treatments, as she seems to have been dabbling in injectable fillers for years.


    Recently, Maria also shared her plans for liposuction with her fans, by Tweeting “Just had my Pre Operative meeting with @MYA_Tweet I am officially booked in for Lipo in 3 weeks. It’s going to look amazing. So excited x x.”


    After losing weight, Maria then opted for liposuction to get rid of pesky fat deposits that meant she wasn’t up to her own personal standard of beauty in a bikini.


    And despite seemingly being confident to post photos of herself wearing skimpy lingerie, Maria apparently also wants to get breast implants in the future.


    ”Love my new @VictoriasSecret lingerie! my boobs have gone so small. Off for a consultation today for some new ones!!!”


    Despite sharing with fans the times and reasons for her appearance at the plastic surgery clinic, Maria insists that she hasn’t had any plastic surgery done on her face.


    In the past, she has assured her Twitter followers that her face remains all natural, writing “Never have I ever had any kind of fillers in my skin or any surgery to my face. Nothing whatsoever permanent in my face. For the record.”


    That Tweet may have been before Maria began getting fillers in her lips and Botox in her forehead, or Maria may not consider injections plastic surgery because they are not invasive procedures.