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  • Glamour model turned reality star Maria Fowler is planning some big changes in the near future. The tanned TOWIE star has recently Tweeted news that she is planning to change her life by giving up alcohol and going under the knife.

    27-year old Maria Fowler is well known for her appearance on The Only Way is Essex British reality series. She is also known for Tweeting her plastic surgery plans and goals.

    After losing weight, Maria then opted for liposuction to get rid of pesky fat deposits that meant she wasn’t up to her own personal standard of beauty in a bikini.

    At the time, she Tweeted the news to fans saying, “Just had my Pre Operative meeting with @MYA_Tweet I am officially booked in for Lipo in 3 weeks. It’s going to look amazing. So excited x x.”

    Now, she is Tweeting more plastic surgery news, announcing that she feels her breasts have become too small after losing weight, so she plans to get implants in order to restore lost volume.

    Maria wrote: ”Love my new @VictoriasSecret lingerie! my boobs have gone so small. Off for a consultation today for some new ones!!!”

    Along with the news, Maria also posted several revealing photos of her body, posing in sexy lingerie, which showcased her super flat stomach. Wearing a push-up bra, Maria’s breasts look pretty great, but perhaps Maria is wanting to have a similar effect even without wearing a push up bra.

    While many think that in addition to getting liposuction done a few years ago, Maria has also used Botox and fillers in her face, especially her large full lips, Maria says that she has never touched her face with plastic surgery.

    In the past, she has assured her Twitter followers that her face remains all natural, writing “Never have I ever had any kind of fillers in my skin or any surgery to my face. Nothing whatsoever permanent in my face. For the record.”


    Still, Maria’s skin is remarkably smooth so she may get regular facials and clean with a device such as the PoreSonic to get rid of makeup and debris that clogs pores and leads to breakouts. She may also use sunscreen regularly as she obviously likes to tan and she shows no signs of premature aging that is an indication of sun damage.

    In addition to changing her body, Maria also says that she is making changes to her personal life as well, including going “T-Total” and giving up alcohol.

    “Been thinking about trying to do this for a while and recently I have realized it’s the right time to do it,” the reality TV star confessed.

    Maria ended her long Twitter message by saying: “I drink way too much. A lot more than I should and it’s not good for my mind or body. So that’s my decision. It may not last forever but it suits me now.”