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  • After having twins, Mariah Carey looked like she bounced back to her usual self. So quickly, in fact that it seemed that plastic surgery had to be in play. However, given the recent revelation that the diva relies heavily on Photoshop tools to keep her looking great, it may be that computer programs, not plastic surgery is responsible for Mariah’s toned physique.

    44-year old Mariah Carey recently participated in a photoshoot with controversial photographer Terry Richardson. Terry is known for his point and shoot style of photography, which manages to be amateur and documentarian at the same time, thanks to a bright flash and seemingly minimal backgrounds and settings. But in a finding by the website Jezebel, Terry’s photography skills and Mariah’s body are not what they seem.

    In a series of photos, Mariah poses scantily clad and covered in gleaming gemstones. But looking and svelte and hot is apparently the result of photoshop. The unretouched photos reveal a decidedly less glamorous Mariah.


    While many stars have liposuction or work out to tone their tummies, Mariah appears to rely on Photoshop tools instead. It is well known that tanning or bronzer can help the body to appear slimmer, so after photos reveal that Mariah’s skin tone has been completely changed. In addition, her waistline gets a whole lot slimmer and her stomach a lot less rippled. In one photo, Mariah apparently burst through her corseted dress, so the retouched after photos have retouched the tears in the dress, while simultaneously whittling the waistline to make the stomach flat and the back sexily arched. The Photoshop process also removed various creases and tucks that occur naturally with movement and wouldn’t benefit from Botox in real life. In fact, Mariah seems to like everything slimmed down, including her breasts, which are narrower, yet fuller in the after photos for a more classic look of cleavage. Even her wrists have been given the slimming treatment, despite being covered by gloves.


    And although Photoshop clearly plays a prominent role in Mariah’s beauty routine, plastic surgery may also have its place as well.


    Even prior to having twins, Mariah may have had plastic surgery, including breast augmentation as well as laser liposuction to minimize the appearance of cellulite. After having twins, Mariah was quick to show off her tummy, which appeared to be completely flat. It is quite possible that Mariah opted for a tummy tuck, as given her age and the fact that she had two kids at once she may have felt that she was done having kids. Tummy tucks are recommended for women that are through having kids. Her belly button shape is indicative of a tummy tuck as is her somewhat unusually textured skin, which can be seen in the pre-Photoshopped photos.


    This isn’t the first time that Mariah has been exposed for her love of Photoshop and it probably won’t be her last. If Mariah wanted to minimize the use of the tools, she could try using her own bronzer or self tanner all over her body as a first step.



    1 Comment so far

    1. Joe on January 26, 2017 11:58 am

      I’m getting sick of her and how she’s acting worse with age- more narcissistic and vain. She probably can’t handle getting older.

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