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  • Mark Wahlberg is not down with plastic surgery and cannot understand why people are having cosmetic surgery to combat aging. The 35-year old actor and star of “Shooter” says that he will never have surgery even if his looks fade as he gets older. We can’t agree more with Marky Mark today, as there is nothing to fix on his pristine and beautiful face.

    “I wouldn’t consider surgery. I can see how people get caught up in it and I hope to learn from their mistakes. Because their facial features are falling off and I don’t want that, ” says Mark Wahlberg in a BANG Showbiz interview.

    Wahlberg hinted at some celebrities who had plastic surgery without naming names who were caught in plastic surgery nightmares and look worse than before their plastic surgery. “I wouldn’t like to say who, but I think you know.”

    Unlike other celebrities, Wahlberg actually looks forward to growing old and wishes he could actually fast forward and be 65 years old already. “I welcome old age. I used to say I wish I could snap my fingers and be 65 and quickly see the years go by. It’s only because I have children that I’ve changed my mind about that.”

    Mark Wahlberg is clearly someone who is good in his skin and is looking forward to living naturally sans (without) plastic surgery. “I embrace getting older and I’m really comfortable right now. I feel more mature. Life is beautiful as you get older.”

    Now, let’s see if Mark Wahlberg sings this age gracefully tune in 30 years when he has packed some pounds, got deep wrinkles, jowls that swing off both sides of his face, and the tip of his nose has descended down to look like an onion bulb. If he’s only offered Hallmark TV specials and needs to pay the bills, will he still say not to the knife?

    Somehow, we think that this Boston tough guy will rather let his ship sink than undergo cosmetic enhancement.

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