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  • Way back in October of 1999, Matthew was arrested for noise pollution and possession of drugs. The drug accusation was dropped, but he did plead guilty for being too noisy. He was playing the drums. Well, for this How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days star, it is about that time again–those drums weren’t loud enough for Matthew McConaughey.

    He must be a fan of Tom Hanks, or at least Tom Hanks’ hair because he seems to be following in his footsteps, or in more correct terms, following in Tom Hanks’ hairline. As found on an article called “McConaughey’s Miracle Hair,” written by Shana Liebman, “McConaughey once told David Letterman that his resprouting is the result of the topical biopharmaceutical Regenix.” Well, we could go out and tell all men suffering under a case of male pattern baldness to go and buy the product, but we would be misleading them.Matthew McConaughey, Hair Transplant, Loss

    There are reasons to discount this information about any hair re-growing products. One, he had been losing his hair quickly and badly, so he had to do something fast to replace his worn-down look. Two, now his hair looks great and even fuller than it did before. Coincidence? You decide. Just by using the naked eye, we can see that his hair has remarkably improved since his photo from 1999 when he was 31 just around the time where baldness kicks in. If he hadn’t done anything to his hair, he should not have a lot now. However, that is obviously not the case. His hair actually looks better than ever.

    Okay, his hair looks great, but that doesn’t prove anything, right? It may seem that way, as hair transplants can be very expensive. But as we all know, money is not a problem for celebrities, and that includes McConaughey. One man named Duncan Robinson, who is from the Hair Club for Men said, “We think he got them from a place called New Hair Institute.” It is possible that he got a transplant in conjunction with using Regenix, as some people doubt that his great hair came from surgery alone. But whatever he used or did to his hair, there is one thing for certain. He definitely looks good.

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