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  • For years now it seems that Meg Ryan has largely faded out of the spotlight, getting more attention for her obvious plastic surgery rather than her roles. Now it seems that Meg has found the perfect project to return to stardom in a role that doesn’t require her to appear on camera. It seems that Meg’s new role will be as the narrator for the much talked about How I Met Your Dad, the spinoff of the recently ended How I Met Your Mother sitcom. As the narrator, Meg’s voice will be heard but her plastic surgery won’t appear on screen to distract viewers and attract unwanted comments.

    Meg Ryan was America’s sweetheart When Harry Met Sally. But when the cute blonde star entered her forties, she made a big mistake and had unnecessary cosmetic surgery to enhance her lips and is now known as much for her plastic surgery as she is for her roles in romantic comedies.

    Meg’s larger than life lips, which many have compared to being reminiscent of Batman’s arch nemesis, The Joker, are the main focus of many fans. The stretched out appearance of her mouth indicates that her lips are likely the result of a permanent filler rather than a temporary filler, like Juvederm, which would give them a more natural appearance. Since then, Meg may have had the implants removed and now uses collagen or Restylane, as her lips do look less large than previously, although they are still not at all natural appearing.


    In addition to having her lips done, there has also been speculation that Meg has had cheek implants, as her face looks fuller than before. While her cheeks are certainly fuller than they were in her youth, Make Me Heal thinks that they are the results of fat grafting, as in a volumetric facelift, like Madonna’s. Meg may have also had other tightening procedures, such as a browlift or necklift as she has absolutely no laxity in her face.


    Meg may also get Botox injections, as her forehead doesn’t have any creases and often has a very shiny, smooth appearance, which is an indication of Botox.


    Since overloading on plastic surgery and Botox, Meg has had fewer roles coming her way, with just a handful of small parts and small films over the past decade or so.


    Now it seems that Meg may be getting ready for a comeback as UsWeekly reports that on the upcoming spinoff “How I Met Your Dad” Meg will be the voice of “future Sally,” a role played by Indie film darling Greta Gerwig. Greta has become popular for her association with mumblecore films and her lack of style style.


    In addition to what is probably CBS’s most highly anticipated show for the fall season, Meg also announced that she will be starring in and producing a comedy for NBC.


    Meg’s last film role was in 2009’s Serious Moonlight and she guest starred on several episodes of Web Therapy in 2013.