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  • Actress Megan Mullally may still be best known as the sarcastic sidekick Karen on the hit television sitcom Will & Grace, full of pills and probably plastic surgery. In real life, Megan has moved on from Karen and despite her appearance, says that she hasn’t gone under the knife as she has grown older.

    55-year old Megan Mullally has been involved with several projects since Will & Grace ended, including hosting her own short-lived talk show and guest starring on her husband, actor Nick Offerman’s, popular sitcom Parks and Recreation and even doing voices for various adult oriented animated series. Whether she is on camera or in a voice booth, Megan Mullally says that you may not know it, but she hasn’t had plastic surgery.

    In an interview with Lifescript a few years back, Megan admitted that getting old is hard in the world of comedy because the genre requires a lot of physical movement. Rather than plastic surgery, the actress says she relies on a lot of Pilates and eating well to keep her in shape and looking good.


    Acknowledging that Hollywood isn’t an easy place for women of a certain age, Megan says she hasn’t been under the knife and considers herself part of a select group of actresses without plastic surgery.


    Megan says, “I’m in the elite group of actresses who have not had any plastic surgery or injectables. That’s starting to become a really exciting part of my work and life. Plastic surgery used to be a taboo, now not getting it is becoming a taboo.”


    “Jane Lynch (from “Glee”) and I were talking about it when she did an episode of “Party Down.” We were like, “We’re the only two 50-year-old comedic actresses who [haven't had plastic surgery].””


    That said, just because Megan hasn’t chosen plastic surgery as a way to combat the appearance of aging, she is fine with women who do opt for a little nip and tuck.


    “No, I don’t judge. I think it’s great [but] just not my thing. I’ve always wanted to see what will happen [with my body].”


    On an episode of The Talk, Megan shared that when she has the occasional moment of self doubt, she considers having plastic surgery, but that her 11-years younger husband, actor Nick Offerman has said that he will divorce her if she does.


    “I have not had any plastic surgery done. Nothing at all. And he is very much opposed to it. He tells me every day that I’m beautiful and sexy which is very nice. But one time I was depressed. Just like having some kind of moment of something. And we’re in the bathroom together and I said ‘you know, maybe I will have a little something done’ and he has always said if I had anything done he would divorce me and he said ‘if you have something done I really will divorce you because that would mean you’re not the person I always thought you were’.”