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  • Meryl Streep is one of the rare actresses that can do no wrong. Rather than polarize audiences, no matter what film she is in, everyone loves her performance, from critics to fans. Even when the movie is less than stellar. It turns out that Meryl is also a rare actress in another way as well. While many actresses have tried Botox to look smoother and younger, Meryl says that while she is fine with people who opt to have cosmetic surgery, it isn’t for her.

    64-year old Meryl Streep is recognized as being the greatest living actresses, having been nominated for an Academy Award an astonishing 18 times and winning three, not to mention the other honors and accolades she has received for her contributions to the film industry. Even though Meryl seems firmly entrenched in Hollywood, it seems that the celebrated actress has not given in to the industry’s emphasis on youth as she says that she hasn’t even tried Botox because she believes that it distracts from a performance.

    Meryl was quoted as saying a few years back, “To each his own. I really understand the chagrin that accompanies ageing, especially for a woman, but I think people look funny when they freeze their faces. In Los Angeles there’s a lot of that. I pick up on the part that doesn’t move on a face. I’m immediately drawn to it and that is the opposite of what you’re intending. You pull focus to the area that’s been worked on.”


    Despite Meryl’s claim to eschewing cosmetic surgery, she has been under scrutiny for having various procedures done over the years in an effort to maintain the appearance of aging naturally. Meryl is suspected of having had a face lift, neck lift, and in most likelihood an eyelid surgery. Additionally, she is rumored to have done maintenance over the years via laser or chemical peels and the routine dermal injections such as Botox or Restylane. Also of note, the plumpy cheekbones appear to be a trait of that Streep has had for at least a decade, so we are not sure if she’s had cheek implants or if it’s a natural feature.


    However, Meryl may simply rely on movie magic to keep her youthful appearance in check, as those that have worked with her have said that she does indeed sport the wrinkles that come with age.


    In an interview with a British tabloid a while back, Sharon Stone said that she agrees that Meryl is aging naturally, saying, “Meryl looks like an unmade bed. That’s what I look like. To me, that looks true.”


    Meryl doesn’t have the reputation of being a sexpot like Sharon Stone, but they are both Hollywood icons. Early on in her career Meryl made the determination to stay away from films that were too “soft core” and it seems to have worked for as her career continues to grow and her reputation for being a great actress becomes stronger with every nomination.