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  • While many pregnant women eagerly await their tiny bundle of joy, former Liberty X singer Michelle Heaton says she is looking forward to getting back to her Botox injections.

    31-year-old Michelle Heaton is looking forward to getting back to Botox injections after she gives birth in a couple of months.

    Miami plastic surgeon purchase Accutane Dr. Michael Salzhauer says, “It is not recommended for women to use Botox while pregnant.  Botox only lasts 4-6 months so it will not last the length of a pregnancy. ”

    Michelle told Closer in an interview, “I’ve been having Botox since I was 28.”


    “If used correctly, it can make a huge difference. I can’t wait to have the baby so I can have it again.”


    “I have a big frown line in the middle of my forehead and I’m conscious it’s come back. I look angry all the time and it really upsets me!”


    Botox is a popular treatment for wrinkles as it requires minimal plastic surgery recovery time.
    If Michelle is conscious of her forehead wrinkles, she’s not conscious of the rest of her body, as she recently revealed her pregnancy in a lingerie look for a magazine.


    Read the complete celebrity plastic surgery profile of Michelle Heaton on Plasticopedia, the web’s largest celebrity plastic surgery encyclopedia.


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