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  • Michelle Obama has breathed new life into the White House during her husband’s two terms. From getting the nation moving to showing that First Ladies can have a sense of style, Michelle has changed the perception of stuffy politicians. Now, as the family prepares to exit the White House in a couple of years, it seems that Michelle is also preparing for another makeover, which may or may not include plastic surgery.

    50-year old Michelle Obama has bared her arms, cut bangs and grown them out and appeared on a variety of media channels. As she prepares to retire back into private life, the National Enquirer reports that she is planning yet another change—a $100,000 makeover.

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    Michelle already looks great, thanks to the active lifestyle and health eating habits she encourages all Americans to adopt. But it seems that Michelle is also looking forward to relinquishing her First Lady duties in favor of some needed personal time—including a plastic surgery assisted makeover to eliminate the signs of stress and aging that time in the White House incurs.


    According the National Enquirer tabloid, “Michelle has secretly enlisted high-profile experts for advice on her wardrobe and planned to spend $50,000 on designer dresses, pants, blouses, blazers, skirts, shoes, accessories and more!”


    “She’ll spend another $50,000 on more cosmetic work,” her pal revealed.


    If Michelle is planning to go under the knife, then plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn has some suggestions as to how FLOTUS can look her best, including getting a chin implant and Botox injections.


    “Her chin is a bit small and causes wrinkles when her mouth is closed. A reasonable-sized silicone chin implant would create better harmony in her face and make her even prettier.”


    “Botox injected into her forehead and the crow’s feet surrounding her eyes would smooth out the wrinkles. I would add Fractora skin-tightening treatments that work better than lasers in people with darker skin.”


    “She could also benefit from Restylane filler injections into her laugh lines,” added Dr. Youn, who’s not treated Michelle.


    And according to the Enquirer, even plastic surgery won’t be enough pampering for Michelle. Nothing short of the most luxury treatments will do.


    Including spending a few weeks at a beauty spa getting skin treatments like a “Diamond and Ruby” peel that will set her back a cool $7,000.


    “She also wants to take a bath in imported Evian water!” her pal added.


    If Michelle does opt for plastic surgery, she won’t be the first First Lady to do once exiting the White House.


    After her husband’s two terms in the Oval Office was up, Hillary Clinton underwent a drastic transformation from frumpy to fantastic—which many believe included some plastic surgery.


    Since leaving the White House, Hillary Clinton has updated her wardrobe and her style. And as she considers her own bid for White House residency, she may have also had a facelift and other nips and tucks to appear more ready for the tough job.