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  • Mila Kunis is a breathtaking beauty that many remember from the popular sitcom That 70′s Show. Since then, she has been wasting her good looks behind the scene, doing voiceovers behind the scenes for popular cartoons, Family Guy and Robot Chicken. But audiences were treated to a glimpse of her stunning beauty earlier this year in the film Forgetting Sarah Marshll and will once again be dazzled later this month when the video game Max Payne comes to life on the big screen. Through Mila’s career, her appearance has changed through some very beneficial plastic surgery, particularly a nose job and breast augmentation.

    Sildenafil Mila Kunis, Plastic Surgery

    25-year old Mila is no stranger to plastic surgery, as she has long been the subject of a nose job done some years ago to help rectify the somewhat bulbous tip at the end of her nose. Her nose does indeed look much more refined these days, a look plastic surgeon Dr. Jennifer Walden says is due to some well-done rhinoplasty.

    “After looking at many photos of Mila Kunis, I believe she’s had a conservative and elegantly done rhinoplasty that served to narrow the width of the nasal dorsum (or bridge), give it a little more dorsal height, and refine the tip. This fits her beautiful face much better; it seemed broad and boxy for her petite face in older photos,” said Dr. Walden.

    Further changes in the face of Mila Kunis could be due to the actress losing some residual baby fat, making her face look less rounded and more grown-up or due to the  removal of facial fat in her cheeks via plastic surgery for the same appearance.

    Dr. Walden noted that “[Mila] also has either lost weight, making her face look even more angular, or possibly had the buccal fat of the cheeks removed (these are the deep fat pads of the lower cheek that can contribute to facial fullness).”

    In addition, Dr. Walden has addressed rumors that Mila has recently had a breast augmentation after pictures of the actress appeared on the Internet with a significantly fuller chest than previously, leading us, and others, to suspect a breast augmentation.

    Dr. Walden reports, “As for breast augmentation, it looks like Mila likely did undergo this procedure. She was pretty flat chested to begin with, and tall and thin, as many stunning women of Russian descent like her are. Now it appears her breasts are fuller with the volume and look of a woman who may have had appropriately sized breast implants placed under the muscle. Again, nice results if she indeed had it done.”

    Mila indeed seems to be a rare case of just right plastic surgery in Hollywood and Make Me Heal hopes she continues to use it judiciously and not go overboard like many of Hollywood’s starlets.

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    9 Comments so far

    1. Jenny on January 6, 2009 7:34 pm

      Those aren’t her boobs in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. I haven’t seen Max Payne but I saw her on several TV shows and she said that those were not her boobs because she does not do nudity in any roll. She had a body double. She did not get a boob job. She grew up.

    2. Gunther Goliath on April 19, 2009 6:58 pm

      what difference does it make? perfection is perfection.

    3. gangster on June 23, 2009 12:01 am

      she did grow up. she was 14 when she auditioned for the tv show “that 70′s show” i definitely think she grew up.

    4. Katie on June 27, 2009 4:36 pm

      Yeah I noticed her cheeks and her nose are different and I don’t know if she had breast implants but they look bigger, or maybe that’s just cause she’s older or something..

    5. Nico Toscani on September 10, 2009 9:58 am

      “Tall & thin”? She’s certainly thin, but at 5’3″ she’s the opposite of tall even for a girl. Do your research folks. I could care less if she got a boob job, she is an exotic looking & stunning beauty.

    6. ajt on October 18, 2009 9:53 pm

      Oh, please. She grew up? So did the two halves of a cantaloupe implanted inside her chest. If it’s still up there, take a look at her photo on Wikipedia. Obvious.

      Why do people constantly deny that 95% of their female Hollywood heroes have more saline inside them than the Pacific Ocean? How incredibly naive and/or just plain stupid are these people?

    7. Marie on January 10, 2010 8:47 am

      Thoose are fake. She did it for a movie. They’re not real breast implants.

    8. boob master on January 31, 2010 9:46 pm

      yes they are fake and they look perfect for her i cant wait to c more of them

    9. Girl on April 5, 2012 1:44 pm

      She has never had plastic surgery. Have you ever thought that her boobs just grew? ALso, her face has changed. You people are so stupid and gullible. Just because she looks better than you does not mea she has had sugery. Her beauty is natural.

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