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  • Plastic surgery is common in the world of beauty pageants, no matter the country. But with all plastic surgery procedures, due diligence about both the procedure and the doctor is paramount. Andressa Urach, a Brazillian reality star and who placed second in the notorious Miss BumBum contest in 2012 has found that out the hard way as reports say the young woman has been hospitalized after having a procedure done on her thighs.

    27-year old Andressa Urach is in the hospital after undergoing plastic surgery to enhance her thighs. The reality star is now said to be suffering from an infection and has had two procedures to drain aquagel from her thighs, according to FoxNews Latino. AquaGel is a substance used in Brazil as an alternative to implants.

    Andressa is being treated at The Conceição Hospital Group in the southern city of Porto Alegre, where she is now awake and no longer needs a ventilator to help her breathe.


    Just weeks prior to her complications, Andressa posted a photo of herself and her doctor on Instagram, with a caption naming Julio Vedovato the “best plastic surgeon in Porto Alegre.


    Fashionstyle reports that Andress was injected with 400 milliliters of hydrogel were injected into the swimsuit model when the recommended quantity is only 200 milliliters.


    Andress gained worldwide attention by entering the Miss BumBum competition, where she didn’t win, but did reveal that she had used plastic surgery to enhance her already voluptuous figure.


    The Miss BumBum competition as the world has become increasingly fascinated with large backsides, such as those of Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian.


    While Jennifer Lopez is thought to have a naturally full buttocks, it is highly likely that Kim Kardashian has enhanced her rear end with plastic surgery that does not require implants, such as a Brazilian butt lift.


    After undergoing the procedure to enlarge her thighs back in November, Andressa began chronicling her problems.


    “The hydrogel was not absorbed by my body and started to harm me,” said Andressa. “Now I’ve discovered that the PMMA is sticking to my muscles and causing the tissue to rot. That’s why I am feeling such strong pains. I’m taking morphine every four hours and antibiotics to alleviate the suffering.”


    Andressa has been open about her plastic surgery procedures in the past and The Examiner reports that the model has had at least nine other cosmetic surgeries including: a nose job, a bioplasty facial correction, jaw reduction, breast implants, liposuction and vaginal lip reduction.


    In modeling and pageantry, plastic surgery is common and Andressa’s roommate, and fellow Miss BumBum copetitor, Jessica Lopes, says that the two would often get work done together.


    “Andressa and I would go to the plastic surgeon as if we were going shopping,” said Jessica. “We were slaves to beauty.”


    Perhaps both Andressa and Jessica will be more cautious in the future and it is good to hear that Andressa is recovering and may once again be posting photos of herself to social media.